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repetitive nonmeaningful speech (especially that associated with a trance state or religious fervor)

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Womb tongues is a term I use to describe the body's attempt, since birth, to 'speak' (pre-disclosure) the relinquishment/adoption trauma, in my case, through psychopathologies, psychosomatic illness, the non-religious use of glossolalia, and visual art.
The measurement of regional cerebral blood flow during glossolalia a preliminary spect study.
For example, his observations on the distinctive role played by glossolalia in this African Pentecostalism could help to reinvigorate this gift more widely in the Pentecostal and charismatic movements and could cause it to be given greater attention in Pentecostal theology (see pp.
Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity (1), a branch of Protestantism that emphasizes personal experience with God and places varying importance on the manifestation of the supernatural gifts of the Holy spirit, including glossolalia, (2) faith-healing, (3) dream-visions, prophesying (4) and/or miracles, is a dynamic religious movement that is quickly expanding worldwide, being considered the fastest growing sector of Christianity and "the predominant global form of Christianity of the 21st century.
The book shows how overlapping perceptions of speech have linked speech disorders with mental infirmity, trauma, sexuality, violence, and organic illness in literary symbolism, as well as positive meanings such as various degrees of inspired glossolalia.
Glossolalia is considered as the prototype of the elements as mysterious as irrational, guaranteeing believers' fascination for Pentecostal charismatic cults.
With its exquisite overlapping vocal lines and Dead Can Dance-ish glossolalia, it comes off as a love song to existence itself: "I feel the sun on my face.
Any given word of the Wake is, potentially and in fact more often than not, the incarnation (and obliteration) of many others: a glossolalia of "alphybettyformed verbage"--phonemes, portmanteaus, puns and plagiarisms ("The last word in stolentelling" [FW424.
Mormon religiosity returned to ecstatic expressions such as glossolalia and faith healings that had not been present since the New Testament and would not be a fixture of the revival tradition for nearly another fifty years.
Artaud posits an essential connection between the body in pain and language through the very etymology of the term cruaute: from the proto-Indo-European krewe("raw flesh"), he retains the image of the "flayed man" (Selected Writings 506) in conjunction with the guttural consonant "k"--which Allen Weiss sees as the trademark of Artaud's glossolalia (153).
34) Relevant here is Csordas's discussion of glossolalia, inspired in part by Merleau-Ponty, as "embodied otherness.
9) De forma generica poderiamos caracterizar o movimento pentecostal pela sua ortodoxia biblica, moralidade religiosa, glossolalia (fala em linguas estranhas), enfase na cura espiritual e dons do Espirito Santo.
Although Pentecostal emphasis on Holy Spirit baptism, especially regarding glossolalia, has been challenged by many scholars, (10) the charismatic renewal world-wide is a confirmation of the impact of the Pentecostal stress on the Holy Spirit.
Arguably, this is a weary awareness that too often the academy has become an industrial machine for processing complex texts into routine glossolalia.
and they feature zombie saints, probability theory, glossolalia, the ACLU, and a reminder about the importance of buying designer shoes for the Rapture.