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Glossiness refers to the appearance of gloss and is the result of the reflectance properties of the surface but it is also influenced by the illumination conditions and by the viewing direction (2).
The glossiness of galvanic deposit and its thickness will evolve over time, depending on process parameters
PP thin-film technology, which enables a variable degree of glossiness to match the finish of other components, was used to cover the panel.
A variable degree of glossiness enables optimum adaptation to match the finish of other components The PP Thin Film technology consists of a composite foil made up of several, primarily polypropylene (PP) layers, manufactured in a direct mold-behind process.
I love Benefit's Her Glossiness 'Life on the A-list'.
LOVES: Benefit Her Glossiness (right), pounds 13 (www.
To paint the doors (either in situ or removing them first), clean them thoroughly, sand them to take off any glossiness and provide a 'key' for the paint (so it adheres better), wipe clean and, once dry, apply the primer, then the topcoat (once the primer's completely dry).
Andrew used GHD straighteners to give a chic salon look and finished of with a shine serum for added glossiness.
Benefit Her Glossiness A-list lip gloss in Where's my Stylist?
2:15-2:45--Impacts of Impregnation with Imersol-Aqua on Surface Glossiness and Adhesion Strength of Some Varnishes--Musa Atar, Gazi University
Key statement: In a conductive roller having a conductive substrate, a conductive elastic layer and a conductive cover layer, the conductive cover layer is formed of a seamless tube containing a thermoplastic polymer, the surface of the conductive roller is coated with an inorganic compound the particle surfaces of which have been subjected to hydrophobic treatment, and the roller having been coated therewith has a glossiness of from 7.
The winner of IBO's 2006 Gold Award for Portable Instrument Industrial Design is BYK Gardner's Wave Scan Dual Paint Tester, which measures the brilliance and glossiness of paint used in the automobile industry.
The adoption of the new medium of oil, the rich glossiness of colours and the traces of three-dimensional perspectives by the local painters subsequently gave way to the proliferation of cheap mechanical reproduction of such works by different printing presses across Bengal.
Information" (the title refers to the artist's use of charts, graphs, diagrams, and lists throughout the show, and nods to MOMA'S 1970 survey of Conceptualism) was full of punchy and often mordantly amusing work, but its quick-hit glossiness tended to deflect sustained consideration.
Pantene Pro-V's Ice Shine range gives you head-turning glossiness to deliver a sophisticated and healthy look.