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In addition, the target value for the exterior appearance was defined by the value of glossiness and it was set as 70, or above, because this glossiness was yielded when the glass fiber exposure was completely suppressed in the test.
SANDRA Bullock looked the picture of perfect Hollywood glossiness at the London premiere of her new movie The Heat.
Its increased top and backside smoothness enhance the vinyl film glossiness while its backside moisture barrier ensures outstanding planarity for faultless performance during printing.
But the closest is: height divied weight x age + glossiness of hair - niceness of handbag x glowiness of skin = envy percentage," she said.
Pellets were easily identified as belonging to the Barn Owl by their texture, compactness, dimensions, and glossiness (Mikkola 1983).
Even as it refers to what Aristotle regarded as the exclusively human "rational soul" and to the Judeo-Christian imago Dei--the idea that humans are made in God's image and as His likeness--the combination of glossiness and "fantastic tricks" might also point to a more modern, scientific explanation of what supposedly separates men from monkeys: the aforementioned ability to recognize oneself in a mirror.
As a teacher of academic geography, albeit to university entrance level, for some 44 years, I long ago discovered that the glossiness of a magazine doesn't necessarily mask its content.
This allows the user to modify the color and glossiness of the paint and view how this affects the visibility of the orange peel.
Improved image-based reflections: Allow for a variety of surfaces to reflect an "approximate version of scenes, with varying glossiness across surfaces, anisotropic HDR highlights and anti-aliasing.
Some managed to guide the invasion of Iraq--a futile, baseless venture that cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and over a trillion dollars in spending while continuing to cost more lives to this day, despite media glossiness to the contrary.
A little trick of mine is to apply a tiny amount of serum to the palm of the hand then, using a large make-up brush, lightly sweep over the hair for subtle glossiness and shine," he says.
With macadamia nut oil, grape seeds and black orchid extract, it offers overnight glossiness to dull, dry or damaged hair.
The glossiness of ghee, its sheer sheen, calls up its secret depth and its density: viewing and visualizing color is here a textured experience.