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Synonyms for glossary

an alphabetical list of words often defined or translated

Synonyms for glossary

an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge


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A basic glossary, additional reading, and index round out this short title.
First launched in 2006, the EDRM Glossary includes terms from specialized glossaries on collection, metrics, search, and information governance, as well as glossary content on search and predictive coding from Herb Roitblat and from the Grossman-Cormack glossary on technology-assisted review.
The English version of the glossary can be accessed at http://ifsb.
The glossary of a literature book touches the materiality of a writer's writing, his text, and language.
Since scientific English, particularly biological terminology, is derived from Latin and Greek, this innovative glossary provides a practical solution for Arabic-speaking students to overcome this language barrier and aids them at not only acquiring a deep understanding of scientific concepts but also at expanding their bilingual vocabulary repertoire," Rashid Bendriss, co-author with Dr Ghizlane Bendriss, both teachers at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMC-Q), said.
The easily understandable selection of words makes this glossary distinct from the conventional glossaries available in market which contains hard to understand jargons and students in most of the cases shelf them after failure in getting their purpose served; the selection of content is based on relevance, importance and objectivity.
The version of the uniform glossary now in use takes up three pages and defines terms such as "premium," "specialist" and "preferred provider.
8220;Our fungal glossary is one our most popular online resources, and we are excited to make it available to clients through our spore trap reports.
The contractor is to present a working paper of a Europe-wide gender equality thesaurus and glossary in order to update and reinforce commonly used terms in the area of gender equality policy in Europe.
The Consumer Goods Forum members will use this glossary for consumer and company-to-company communication.
The glossary, published on FANR website, defines terms used in FANR Regulations, Regulatory Guides and other documents.
This glossary was developed from existing research and feedback from faculty and researchers from the California community colleges in response to Resolution S08 2.
The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health, today launched the next generation of its online Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms.
This glossary of statistical terms is essential for anyone who must review, assess or glean data from OECD reports or other sets of international statistical guidelines.
Oftentimes, there is a tendency on the part of instructors to rely on the glossary in the back of textbooks or on websites such as Google to provide students with definitions of terms and further information on topics not found within the narrative texts or lectures.