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Synonyms for glossary

an alphabetical list of words often defined or translated

Synonyms for glossary

an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge


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For instance, gaming glossaries typically contain hundreds of industry-specific terms.
It means that these glossaries cover very exactly the scope of languages with which A.
Creating glossaries requires a little effort, but it can make a big difference in the quality and consistency of the finished translation, if you update glossaries incrementally, maintaining them will seem painless.
They are populated much as the other two subsections, with pages of glossaries, educational opportunities, calendars, and the like.
Unlike the glossaries on SFAF and AEGIS, it does not have terms like "condom" and "safer sex"--probably a reflection of the feds' recent prudishness.
In an era of globalization and instant communications, technical glossaries in various languages are perhaps more useful and more needed than ever before.
We suggest that in future DSM glossaries the term false belief be replaced by a term such as thought disorder is the difference we have pointed out significant to psychiatry?
It includes links to glossaries and tutorials on how to find stock quotes, as well as a message board so registered users can create what the site calls an "investment club forum" where either new, intermediate or advanced investors can post questions about and get replies to their clubs' investment concerns.
For orders between 50-99 copies, the unit cost is 90 cents; 100-249, 85 cents; 250-499, 80 cents; and for a bulk order of 500 or more glossaries, the unit cost is 75 cents.
The complexities grow and intertwine, a rich and heady mix, but not one unique to the history of literature - multiple languages and even glossaries could be found in the earliest English novels before writers like Jane Austen flattened and homogenized the voices of class, race, gender, and age.
Glossaries are generally produced in the three official ISO languages, English, French and Russian, although often other countries develop their own glossaries, based on the ISO text, in their own language.
Platform's 'Ready-To-Use' Glossaries Available in 10 Languages
In addition, says this same judge, her experience with EINSHAC gave her the idea of providing case-specific scientific glossaries for jurors, which she has used several times at trial.
Glossaries can be stored locally or on the RAVEN Collaboration Space server where they can be shared by distributed teams of business analysts.