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Synonyms for glossary

an alphabetical list of words often defined or translated

Synonyms for glossary

an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge


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The Dialect of Pewsey (Wiltshire) with a Glossarial Index of the Words Treated.
The book also includes a thorough bibliography and a glossarial index.
T]he book is very vulnerable to the kind of glossarial jigsaw-solver who must find form: pattern, decor, lamination, colourscheme.
The interests of the audience of the present journal would probably not best be served by a detailed account of the philological and glossarial evidence set forth by Gretsch.
This edition of two glossaries (Montpellier, Ecole de Medecine, MS H236 and Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, MS latin 7684) makes available, in a format which can only be described as opulent (the book is bigger than either of the manuscripts whose contents it presents), a considerable body of glossarial evidence of potential interest to lexicographers of medieval Latin and French alike.