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a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity

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Much of Glossa hangs off a hill, with winding narrow streets accessible by foot, donkey or moped.
By virtue of its inclusion in the GLossa, this idea became a commonplace through the high Middle Ages; indeed, neither Dante nor the author of the spurious travelogue attributed to Sir John Mandeville felt obliged to defend their decision to locate Paradise at the summit of a mountain.
Oxford: Blackwell, 1983) is a classic introduction; see too, Jenny Swanson, "The Glossa ordinaria," in The Medieval Theologians, ed.
Enoch and Elijah were identified as the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation, two mysterious figures who appear at the Apocalypse to witness for Christ in the final battle against the Antichrist, as early as the time of Justin Martyr in the second century, and this identification became more deeply entrenched as the Middle Ages began--to the point that it was accepted essentially as dogma in, for instance, the ninth-century Glossa Ordinaria, the preferred commentary of Scripture until at least the seventeenth century.
From the Greek diminutive of glossa, tongue, in reference to the ligulate corollas that are occasionally found in the genus, these corollas being "diminutive" bilabiate corollas lacking the inner lips.
5), which quotes the Glossa Ordinaria: "Thus says the Glossa, which is so very true of all fools, 'The harsher one is with German fools, the more they pay us.
It is easily available as well as visually striking in the Glossa ordinaria, a standard compilation of patristic and later exegesis on the entirety of scripture influential from the twelfth century until well into post-medieval Catholicism.
Villas along the northwest coast around the pretty village of Glossa are good value.
She was born in Glossa, Skopelou, Greece, the daughter of Thomas and Eleni (Lioliou) Makris and lived here many years.
1116 to 1140, and Accursius (thirteenth century), who produced the Glossa ordinaria on Roman Law.
5) Sulla fortuna di Donna Bisodia si veda Sanguineti 1976: 185-187 (che a sua volta si rifa a uno studio di Ilio Calabresi e a una glossa di Manlio Cortelazzo apparsi su Lingua nostra nel 1972 e 1973).
In other words,] the authentic proclamation of dogma, sine glossa, with clarity, and of the presence of the Church in the world, as in his speech on the Christian people on Wednesday, July 23, 1975.
18) The most influential biblical gloss, the Glossa ordinaria, was incorporated into the layout of scriptural texts by the late twelfth century; sec Smalley, Study of the Bible, pp.
The Glossa ordinaria explained: "A husband is able to judge a wife, correcting her .
C'est ainsi que le Reichskammergericht du SaintEmpire, excede par le chaos juridique regnant dans les micro-Etats allemands, s'empressa d'adopter peu apres sa fondation imperiale en 1495 la maxime quidquid non agnoscit glossa, non agnoscit curia (42), qui imposa definitivement la suprematie de la science juridique romaine au nord des Alpes (43).