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a small locker at the stern of a boat or between decks of a ship

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This nexus--corporeality and connection, interface and desire--reappears in the glory holes everywhere throughout Ribbons, including an actual hole cut into one screen, scotomizing the image.
The function which passes 400 years since its implementation but it is still effective and as we observe in new dam construction this technology which was used at that time is also used as glory holes.
LOS ANGELES, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Tabloid artist Xvala will introduce his latest art piece, the "Tiger Woods Rambovian Rosewood Glory Hole And Golf Furniture" in a soon to be revealed location on April 21st in Los Angeles, California.
Glasgow: Mr Ben's, King Street: 0141 553 1936 The Glory Hole, Ruthven Lane: 0141 357 5662.
A few more dabs into some gold glass powder and the addition of a handful of tiny glass flowers and the whole thing goes back into the glory hole where the forces of chemistry step in to give the paperweight the studio's distinctive iridescent sheen.
This homo register perfumes the language, as the authors speak of cruising, glory holes, hustler bars, the Old Reliable catalogue .
Husky is also pleased to report the completion of three glory holes and the commencement of the development drilling program for the White Rose project.
The sophomore release by Seattle's Glory Holes will fit the bill, It's straight up blazing punk rock, and Doug White's yelpin' and hollerin' rise above the din.
Resources were estimated by Watts Griffis and McQuat using assays from 1200 samples taken from the underground workings and glory holes.
Directors came off best, though, with company chauffeurs, company villas on the Med, company glory holes in stately homes, company golf club memberships.
On the live front, still continually impressed by The Glory Holes.
In some work from the series, the artists have staged unexpected clashes between the aesthetic of the white cube and that of the dimly lit gay bar, providing glory holes and other facilities for swift sexual exchanges.
Additionally, the property has extensive prospect activity, ranging from small trenches and pits to several small adits and substantial glory holes.