glory hole

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a small locker at the stern of a boat or between decks of a ship

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Large in scope, yet inherently relatable, Glory Hole is an exploratory powerhouse, mixing the perverse and the pure in perfect symmetry.
The multiple glory holes in the show also contribute to this effect.
Inquisitive genitals, fingers, noses, and tongues get stuffed through glory holes and then withdrawn unanswered; Dave delivers torrential monologues from underneath a table, or tries unsuccessfully to connect with an offscreen love object, undercut by the occasional sound of a fart or push alert.
The function which passes 400 years since its implementation but it is still effective and as we observe in new dam construction this technology which was used at that time is also used as glory holes.
Gus's glory hole earns him a visit to his nearest American Golf store, where the expert staff will custom fit a cracking Nicklaus Air Draw driver.
You keep thinking you're going to find a glory hole or the mother lode," he said.
Dita then emerges and begins to strip off as Thierry, who plays a strip club regular, ogles her by peeping through a glory hole.
In the house, I opened the door of the spench, the glory hole under the stairs, and threw in the rubber ball, now a punctured, useless thing.
The advert for the shindig, posted on the internet, said: "Come and enjoy all that The Clink has to offer: open and lockable bedrooms, equipped fetish room, large darkdungeon area with play stuff and glory hole cabins, dance floor and pole, chill areas, music with DJ-Snake, showers and changing areas, and some very friendly and sexy people
Yet, instead of just re-appropriating the male glory hole, these bawdy images totally turn this gay icon on its head, opening it up to multiple (transsexual) desires and encounters.
We hadn't had time to get to the air-raid shelter, so my mother had taken me and my brother into what we called the glory hole, the cupboard under the stairs.
Though it's small, there's room for the tools of his trade: furnace, glory hole, annealer and his bench, where with the help of his wife, Maria, he heats, shapes and cools his glass sculptures with the split second timing of nearly 20 years of experience.
My friends talked me into some funny stuff to remove my inhibitions on the first time visit," wrote one, who apparently got very high or very comfortable, because later "I must have sucked about 30 guys through the glory hole.
Once inside the glory hole at the tunnel level there was an inclined shaft to climb down about 30 feet to a short adit that opened to the working area, which was the lowest level of the glory hole.