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Synonyms for glorious

Synonyms for glorious

Synonyms for glorious

having or deserving or conferring glory

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characterized by grandeur

having great beauty and splendor

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The glorious bed that dominates Act Two is a masterpiece, a voluptuous body that Lulu's lovers disappear into and that she lounges over in her naked gloriousness.
DRIVING up Castle Hill last week to join a public archaeology session I was stunned, as I always am, by the gloriousness of the scenery from this iconic beauty spot.
how gloriousness we, how lightful sent this peeking love, between
So whether it's Andrew Lloyd Webber getting a little emotional about the Pre-Raphaelites or John Sergeant paying tribute to the gloriousness of Spike Milligan, the show is always interesting.
The gloriousness of Zimiamvia is a compositional side-effect of the underlying moral and philosophical framework of the novels, and it was this framework that Eddison saw as topical during wartime.
Wenders' film becomes a beautiful celebration of the human body, which ultimately transpires as a divine piece of art, with all its gloriousness and imperfections.
At Royal Ascot, you have Ascot High Street, which will detain the discerning turfiste for all of five minutes, and Goodwood, for all its gloriousness, necessarily involves a designated driver.
Forget the plot about alien cockroaches threatening the earth - just revel in the gloriousness of Paul Verhoeven's space romp.
We leave sufferers when they still have the "glow" of pain--he finds a perverse gloriousness in trauma at its inception--and return once they've recovered, if they ever do.
Soft harmonies shift to howling vocals and an acoustic-flavored, campfire melody give way to a cathartic, full-throttle, which captures the giddiness and inevitable gloriousness of falling in love.
But, back to the gloriousness of 50cc scooters about town, and the Vivacity lives up to its name.
20) (This formulation, as cliched obeisance to the grand experience, had enough currency to help dictate personal experience: Owen Wister writes in his diary that "before [he] had walked for two minutes [at the Fair], a bewilderment at the gloriousness of everything seized [him] .
The hunger artist is soon usurped by a creature which testifies to the gloriousness of unrestrained appetite, "eine[m] jungen Panther":
In order to move forward, we need to accept--no, celebrate--the gloriousness that diversity brings to our art.