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A gloriously beautiful heroine of a discreditable adventure I must in justice admit that she was; but that fact has only this importance: her beauty was such a surprise to me that it cast a doubt upon her identity with the young woman I had seen before; how could the marvelous fascination of her face have failed to strike me at that time?
I calumniated you to him gloriously and in good faith.
We were three tipsy young gods, incredibly wise, gloriously genial, and without limit to our powers.
Her eyes are gloriously dark and deep, like midnight lakes mirroring the stars of heaven.
Oh, what delight it was to be thus seated aloft, rumbling along the broad, sunshiny road, with the fresh morning breeze in my face, surrounded by an unknown country, all smiling - cheerfully, gloriously smiling in the yellow lustre of those early beams; with my darling child in my arms, almost as happy as myself, and my faithful friend beside me: a prison and despair behind me, receding further, further back at every clatter of the horses' feet; and liberty and hope before
The last figure in the piece was Western the Great, most gloriously forbearing the vanquished foe.
A real man, who cared for adventure and beauty, who desired to live decently and pay his way, who could have travelled more gloriously through life than the Juggernaut car that was crushing him.
Nothing could destroy its exquisite oval, its well-nigh classic lines, its delicately stencilled brows, its large brown eyes, clear-seeing and calm, gloriously calm.
All her husband's faults and foibles she had buried in the grave with him: she only remembered the lover, who had married her at all sacrifices, the noble husband, so brave and beautiful, in whose arms she had hung on the morning when he had gone away to fight, and die gloriously for his king.
I'd expected a laid-back boulevard Benz but found it a howlingly fast, gloriously poised supercar.
Strutting back into theaters this month, Pink Flamingos is poised to give gay audiences a gloriously sick alternative to the thrill of Star Wars: Special Edition.
Anticipation properly milked, Simon LeBon; Nick Rhodes; and Roger, John and Andy Taylor took up their instruments, and for the next couple of hours all was gloriously '80s once again.
Its '80s ambience is beautifully realised, the missions are gloriously varied and if you are a bit skint, you can work as a pizza-delivery boy.
It's gloriously silly, hugely entertaining, and spectacularly costumed by Isaac Mizrahi.