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any plant of the genus Gloriosa of tropical Africa and Asia

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Gloriosa plants prefer full sun to part sunny conditions with perhaps some afternoon shade here in Cyprus and rich, well-drained soil.
From left to right, Nerine sarniensis, Gloriosa 'Rothschildiana', red hot pokers (kniphofias), Crinum x powellii, and Tiger lily (Lilium tigrinum)
Three species are found only in the primary forest, and are rarely, if ever, found in the secondary forest (Gu%mania gloriosa, Tillandsia biflora and the terrestrial species Greigia vilcabambae).
Researchers from the University of Texas, the jewel scarab species Chrysina gloriosa can distinguish between circularly polarized and unpolarized light.
La citta di Firenze, ad esempio, con la sua gloriosa aura rinascimentale nasconde, secondo le autrici, una storia di tradimenti politici e violenza sanguinaria.
Broad-leaved cannas, hostas, deep orange dahlias, fiery crocosmias and tender bulbs such as gloriosa will all add heat to the scene, while plants of architectural interest such as Fatsia japonica, palms, cordyline and phormium can all add to that tropical feel.
The following sentence includes no fewer than four cases of adjectives preceding nouns: Cuajado todo ello en un sutil tejido en que se le suelta a la imaginacion su parte, haciendole ver, cual tentador senuelo, alla en gloriosa lontananza, el esplendido genio.
Christina Gloriosa, Vice President, Marketing Partnerships, MTV Networks -- Dave Hogberg, General Manager, Pet Products, Tyson Foods, Inc.
The beetles, Chrysina gloriosa, get their greenish color from microstructures in their exoskeleton rather than from pigment.
The album makes its culminating and convincing point with the very cultivated and painstakingly produced layering of the two chant traditions, when the psalmodic recitation of the Lotus sutra by the Buddhist monks, underlined by the striking of the mokugyo drum (literally "wooden fish"), is at the same time a drone for the cantio Ave virgo gloriosa (track 10), and when the glissando sliding melody of the solo chant Amida kjo is integrated with the austere, ascetically returning entrances of the Kyrie IV (track 12).
Top of the list is Flirtation, the dam of champion two- and three-year-old filly Attraction, while other mares with Group or Grade 1 credentials include Fillies' Mile heroine Gloriosa and Beverley Hills Handicap and Matriarch Stakes winner Squeak.
Furled petals of gloriosa lilies, giant protea and, of course, the long slender stem baring Christoferson's favorite flower all greet visitors.
Thott simply says that Ildefonso's devotion to the Blessed Virgin is one of many good works, but Berceo uses the manner of life to present the relationship between the archbishop and Mary, saying "fue de la Gloriosa amigo natural" (48b).
The author's chosen methodology is highly effective and creates some original insights regarding Rembrandt's Jewish patrons (Samuel D'Orta, Gaspar Duente, and the d'Acosta Curiel family) and especially the artist's relationship with the distinguished theologian Menasseh Ben Israel, for whom the artist completed his only full series of book illustrations, The Piedra Gloriosa o De la Estatua de Nebuchadnezar (1655, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam).