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Synonyms for glorified

accorded sacrosanct or authoritative standing

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The man or woman, sordid with the common dust of life, who crossed his daily path, and the little child who played in it, were glorified if they beheld him in his mood of poetic faith.
Phaidor has glorified you with her love, and you have spurned her.
And so, laughing and crying, and haunted by whispers, the little nursery governess had gradually become another woman, glorified, mysterious.
Upon the outer verge we could see the same splendid coloring of countless blossoms that glorified the islands, but within the dense shadows all seemed dark and gloomy as the grave.
An arm went around the girl's shoulders and drew her close to the man she had glorified with her loyalty and her love.
He had been a hard worker, a daring speculator with nerves of iron, and courage which would have glorified a nobler cause.
All his life he had been a schemer, his eyes turned towards the big things, yet with himself always occupying the one glorified place in the centre of the arena.
A little farther on Polly passed a newly engaged couple whom she knew, walking arm in arm for the first time, both wearing that proud yet conscious look which is so delightful to behold upon the countenances of these temporarily glorified beings.
She was dressed in golden rain, but the most enviable part of her was her neck, which was blue in colour and of a velvet texture, and of course showed off her diamond necklace as no white throat could have glorified it.
Dolly dared not grumble, for Miss Plenty was the one person whom she obeyed, and Phebe openly rejoiced, for these new lessons brought Rose nearer to her, and glorified the kitchen in the good girl's eyes.
He seeks glory, And for his glory all things made, all things Orders and governs; nor content in Heaven, By all his Angels glorified, requires Glory from men, from all men, good or bad, Wise or unwise, no difference, no exemption.
This we must most implicitly believe, the inquirer and the answerer being who they are -- especially since the poet has so greatly glorified his grandfather in his works.
Neither Anne nor Leslie ever forgot Captain Jim's face when they gave him the book--HIS book, transfigured and glorified.
His great merit is in the ideal treatment with which he glorified common things and gilded them with a ray of enthusiasm.
The wind ruffled her hair, the sun glorified it; she was as she had always been.