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Synonyms for glorification

the act of raising to a high position or status or the condition of being so raised

the honoring of a deity, as in worship

Synonyms for glorification

a state of high honor


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the act of glorifying (as in worship)

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It further notes that not many in Armenia have the courage to speak out against the state-level glorification of Nzhdeh, Drastamat Kanayan and other fascist henchmen.
Yesterday, for the first time I saw the film and I don't think more glorification than this is possible and in my understanding it cannot be put on better pedestal than this," he added.
Could the mention of this have had any other purpose than the glorification of Michaelides?
The female body in particular has been portrayed in a multitude of societal, cultural, scientific and historical contexts that build a sense of glorification, and sometimes eroticism.
Stark example of double standards & glorification of terrorism.
All public art doesn't have to be seen as glorification.
He said the government is also coming up with code of ethics for media that will prohibit not only glorification of terrorists and criminals but also smoking and drug abuse.
The long-lasting aggressive propaganda with the constant witch-hunt, seasoned with glorification of the government and its achievements has turned the awareness of many people into a wasteland.
He called upon them to shun their petty sectarian differences and forge greater unity for the glorification of Islam and for their salvation in the world and Hereafter.
We Will Remember I AM not a badge of honour, I am not a racist smear, I am not a fashion statement, To be worn but once a year, I am not glorification.
Denise's husband Stuart said: "This is yet another troll who is trying to upset Denise and get themselves a bit of glorification on Twitter.
They conduct a semiotic analysis of the political discourse of the glorification of Ulmanis, focusing their analysis on the following structural elements of glorification: the personality of the leader, the element of presence of the leader or the performance of the leader's activities, symbolic artifacts such as glorifying buildings or objects, and interactions (e.
The Sharp Nights campaign is a glorification of the values of "Sharp" men, an endeavor to recognize the pack of distinctly sharp men through an integrated campaign, according to Blackberry.
Reopening these wounds for the glorification of the Tory party is a serious mistake by Prime Minister David Cameron.
On Thursday 14 June 2012, the Libyan Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional Law 37 that criminalizes the glorification of Gaddafi and his relatives and supporters.