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Synonyms for glop

any gummy shapeless matter

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writing or music that is excessively sweet and sentimental

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Her birds' nests, for example, reveal a subtle material wit, some matching glittery Christmas greenery with overzealous glops of flocking straight out of Fautrier.
It helped to keep a paper towel under their hand so it wouldn't smudge where their hand rested, and to clean up any glops of pastel that stayed on the drawing.
We are also force-fed great glops of political correctness that often don't ring true.
25-GHz DSP cores, delivering up to 80 GMACs and 40 GFLOPs, while the C6655 and C6654 singlecore solutions deliver up to 40 GMACs and 20 GLOPS and 27.
post-Minimal sculpture, to the polyurethane foam pieces that congealed into layered glops on the floor or were suspended, like Adhesive