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Synonyms for glop

any gummy shapeless matter

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writing or music that is excessively sweet and sentimental

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of the shape it comprises, be the shape a glopped heap on the ground or a concrete hall, ridiculous or sublime.
Incredibly, one guard handed out mess kit pans and spoons while another glopped out hot oatmeal.
The purveyors of malaise you barely notice, a sauce like mayonnaise, hollandaise, malaise so slow in its spread, a shelf-life of years, malaise that just sits there, glopped on top of everything, dished out in a thousand soft stabs, a goo that helps you swallow it all and plaquens you up from inside.
The difference is located in the cuts and bruises on Nara's surfaces--in the torn lined paper he uses, in the bandages and tape that mend his paintings of wounded children, in the glopped paint on his pots, and in the slippages of spelling and locution that he loves.