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Synonyms for glop

any gummy shapeless matter

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writing or music that is excessively sweet and sentimental

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Developed by celebrity hairstylist, Andrea Ridgell, for her kids, and yours C Glop & Glam's formulas are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfate & alcohol, contain natural lice preventative ingredients and infuse blends of nutrient-rich extracts.
Packaged in 12-ounce plastic tubs, Glop has a six-month shelf life and a suggested retail of $7.
Amongst the larger trolls are Siarli Donc, Twrw Bol and Gwefus Glop who can transform themselves into trees and stones.
Applications include HGA assemblies, wire tacking, chip capacitor bonding, glop top, tamper proofing, potting and microencapsulation.
It's time to get the administrative glop off the desks of agents" and others who currently handle it, he said.
When I read the Alien script it was all very generic and I just pictured people being chased by this big glop of yellow jello with acid for blood.
The defining characteristics of glop are that it is grammatically correct, pompous and impressive until you try to paraphrase it; at that point it simply fizzles into nothing--exactly like biting into a chunk of cotton candy.
There would have been no doubt when computer software appeared from the primordial Industrial Age glop that it was functional, not a "literary work.
have the best archives, a spokesperson who knows the issues, and you don't have to cut through the political glop.
Taking Canadian films there, I was happy to offer them an alternative to American glop.
Freezing rain can have the impact of bombs on tiny microplanes; a drop of lubricating oil can become a glop of glue in a microscopic motor; and static electricity can act like a clamp on a tiny gear.
Get some of the best of PBS, like "Shadowlands" and Ken Burns, and ignore most of the ideology-laden glop they throw at you.
the Glop - a wacky, colourful remote control holder that sticks to the side of the tele.
This globo-cop glop is what they always cook up at the White House.
The messy but traditional way of understanding diet involves poking into half-digested glop in stomachs.