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Synonyms for glop

any gummy shapeless matter

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writing or music that is excessively sweet and sentimental

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Glop is perfect for spreading--or glopping--on bruschetta and crackers, burgers, pasta, pizza, popcorn, sliced fresh tomatoes and raw or cooked vegetables.
Actually Wild 90 is miles ahead of much of the underground glop being seen today, and it's important because Norman made it.
The school lunch menu, immortalized as glop thrown on the plate by hairnetted "lunch ladies" with ice cream scoops, is under serious revision.
The video records a nude Schneemann, looking cheerful but self-conscious, spreading glop on herself with a big brush and, pace Yves Klein, rolling in what appears to be a mountain of tissue paper.
But after a while Philip and Tom just bypass Nell, falling dead and getting up again and she wanders over to a tree where she begins to glop mud onto its trunk, using her hands to pack the grooves.
If Acme Whatzis backed its dump trucks up to the Willamette and launched rusty barrels of glop into the river, the outcry would be sharp, immediate and final.
Next, somehow, sop, mop, and glop seem to have absorbed a "fluid" sense.
Maggie lay steaming beside the radiator, the ice from both her muzzle and tail melting into a puddle of glop on the hardwood floor.
But then you've also got to hand it to director Mark Waters (``Freaky Friday,'' ``Mean Girls''): His movie's logic would short-circuit a computer, and just about every scene of broad comedy falls flat, but Waters does make you care about the film's two scrambled old souls in such a way that you're willing to suspend disbelief and wade through the film's thick soup of glop to get to the inevitable happy ending.
All blend in his person and words, not into a homogenized spiritual glop, but concentrated as a beam of light capable of penetrating the darkest corners of early 21st-century decadence and blindness to the future.
I encountered some of this glop at our church a while back, and one of the WWII veterans was the only one to back me up.
Dad's specialite de la maison was spaghetti topped with a gelatinous glop of jarred sauce.
As he trudged through glop, he remembers thinking that he hadn't envisioned the experience as part of an accounting career.
We glop on sunscreen and line the bottoms of our skis with climbing skins, strips of synthetic hairs that grab the snow like Velcro.