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Synonyms for gloominess

an atmosphere of depression and melancholy

a feeling of melancholy apprehension

the quality of excessive mournfulness and uncheerfulness

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However, both terms need to be further clarified, for even if Plato points towards courage and cheerfulness as the requisites of the former and cowardice and gloominess as marks of the latter, this simple sum does not seem capable of exhausting the meaning of the two terms.
And a little gloominess could help job applicants; lousy moods cut down on the tendency to stereotype others, thus boosting the accuracy of first impressions.
Third, the biggest threat to our vocations is despair and despair's little brother, gloominess.
pag); considerable wit and an ironic sense of humor; a paradoxical personality that combines a range of apparently discrepant traits (including the comicality and gloominess referred to above); a Casanova reputation; a supposed capacity for visionary insight; and a desire for and/or attainment of modern-day sainthood.
Having said this, I do not doubt the incisiveness of Gottfried's criticism, and I would underscore that, for all his systematic gloominess and occasional paranoia, his books should be required reading for anyone who cares about the principles of self-government, intellectual liberty, or bourgeois morality.
The interior is very well thought out and lacks the gloominess of the prestige German rivals.
It was not so difficult for observers to read the panic and gloominess on the faces of these conscripts while meeting President Morsi in a formal ceremony a few hours after their retrieval.
Virtually nobody is escaping unscathed with the possible exceptions of young tyros Alex Walmsley and Mark Percival, whose star potential seems to shine all the more brightly given the gloominess of the backdrop.
Again, she has it that "wrings," by enclosing the homonym, "rings," can even suggest the now incongruous, possibly superseded, associations and projections of an engagement, as well as the encompassing sense of disappointment here, the "mood of gloominess and deadness ringing them round.
Between the two scenes, there emerges a picture of "the desert wind blowing trash/down the narrow alleys," an image that further intensifies the dominant gloominess and fright (18).
The vast majority never fall into full depression, according to Terman, but "plod through winters with slowness and gloominess that takes effort to hide from others.
Summary: China's recent leadership transition was widely depicted as a triumph for conservative hard-liners and a setback for the cause of reform -- a characterization that has deepened the gloominess that pervades Western perceptions of China.
The chosen texts and the music set to them compete with each other in gloominess and grief.
Endowed with profound devotion to education, peace promotion, in-depth love for country, faith in harmony, respect for neighbors, looking forward for peaceful co-existence and sincerity to business, accompanied with long history of effective participation and contribution to building measures of province in particular and country in general, Hazara nation faces continued wave of persecution and ethnic cleansing, since 1999, living in the state of gloominess and frustration, in Quetta Pakistan.