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Synonyms for gloominess

an atmosphere of depression and melancholy

a feeling of melancholy apprehension

the quality of excessive mournfulness and uncheerfulness

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10) Palliative care reduces and controls the physical symptoms characteristic of advanced conditions (11) and help to partially relieve the issues associated with loss of autonomy, gloominess or anhedonia that account for the few requests for euthanasia or assisted suicide in countries with properly developed palliative care.
Witty dialogue, underscored by Eugenia's entertaining voice, prevents Hindsight from falling into gloominess.
Their music is a peculiar contradiction of general gloominess delivered by uplifting melodies, immaculate musicianship and some of the most beautifully-crafted contemporary songs you'll experience.
Because of the long-lasting nature of the disorder, many individuals with dysthymia may become acclimated to living with persistent feelings of unhappiness, and consider this gloominess to be normal.
We are indeed passing through a period of gloominess, filled with suffering and dangerous threats, whilst crises continue to yield grief and sorrow in the Middle East," Bonn went on.
Decked out in the usual tinsel-and-mistletoe trappings, the him lurches awkwardly between gloominess and giddiness, never hitting the boisterously bittersweet groove it seeks.
Recent demonstrations have exacerbated further the prevailing gloominess, adding complexity to the Lebanese political conundrum," the report said.
As kooky as Gronemeyer's imagery may seem, the overall effect of her paintings is neither humorous nor witty; instead, as in Ensor's paintings, there is a pervasive gloominess.
According to the Civil Aviation Authority (YPA), international traffic increased by 15%, while domestic traffic left behind the gloominess of the previous years of the recession, and increased by 22% - indicating a recovery in domestic tourism.
Similar to the smiley face, the sad face is the standard emoticon for anyone who wants to express sadness or gloominess in their messages.
Research shows that if your friend is happy, that brightness will infect you; if she's sad, that gloominess will transfer as well.
It brings together ten rebellious acrobats and multidisciplinary artists living in a factory-city called Cirkopolis, and follows their journey as they break boundaries and reinvent themselves, overcoming the gloominess that surrounds them.
Although, we cannot undo despair and gloominess in our lives, we can definitely lessen their burdens.
There is an overall sense of gloominess in the public hospitals, which ultimately leads to the immigration of doctors to greener pastures.