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He looked gloomily in Rostov's face and said: "I am witing to her.
Rachel gloomily, "and what isn't to be happens sometimes.
He was about to abandon the effort and retire gloomily to the saloon, when a man who had been standing by, wrapped in a heavy fur overcoat, intervened.
I thought he might have made a temporary appointment," he said gloomily.
Other sourdoughs, who had struck it rich in excess of all their dreams, shook their heads gloomily, warned him that he would go broke, and declined to invest in so extravagant a venture.
I s'pose none of us except the Story Girl will get to the first table," said Felix, rather gloomily.
How little real sympathy there exists between us; how many of my thoughts and feelings are gloomily cloistered within my own mind; how much of my higher and better self is indeed unmarried - doomed either to harden and sour in the sunless shade of solitude, or to quite degenerate and fall away for lack of nutriment in this unwholesome soil
Excuse me, but I know nothing," said Levin, frowning gloomily.
It would go hard with them, Billy foreboded gloomily.
Before then the abiding image of Wimbledon was referee Alan Mills clutching a radio to his ear while staring gloomily at the heavens.
The endorsement from the Welsh public comes even though a number of leading rugby names are gloomily predicting an early World Cup exit for Gatland's men.
Certainly not to garden guru Monty Don, who describes the most common variety of laurel as gloomily Victorian, pointing out that it is also poisonous to other plant life.
On your summer holiday, instead of gifting your beach toys to the next holiday makers as you gloomily board the coach to the airport, pack the toys and save them for a snowy day.
with some even gloomily predicting a second successive relegation.
e North East's brief heatwave looked well and truly over last night as clouds hung thick over the region and forecasters gloomily predicted torrential downpours.