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Recent analysis focusing on primates painted an even gloomier picture for them, with around half the world's monkey and ape species facing extinction - a figure which rises to four fifths of those found in South and South East Asia.
The top tier shrugged off the Bank of England's gloomier assessment of the UK economy for the rest of the year and edged closer to a new 29-month high.
In the aftermath of World War 1, his paintings become gloomier and he focuses on depicting the harsh fisherman's life.
The experts also said the prospects for a co-operation of Intercell with UK giant GlaxoSmithKline (LON:GSK) for the development of another vaccine plaster look gloomier now due to the aborted partnership with Belgian Solvay (EBR:SOLB).
For those of a gloomier disposition, RUK will refund a new annual subscription should England exit on penalties.
PUBS group JD Wetherspoon today forecast a gloomier outlook as it revealed sales had deteriorated in the last three months.
Without this uplift, a gloomier picture would have emerged.
But it will be back to usual by the weekend, with gloomier weather expected.
Recent comments by Jochen Sanio, Germany's chief financial regulator, paint a possibly gloomier picture for the country's economy, the Telegraph reported.
But bond investors were much gloomier, focusing on still-weak credit conditions and lenders shrinking loan books, both of which could weigh on future profits.
Just when we thought things couldn't be gloomier, with our country worst hit by financial collapse, billions upon billions in debt, Gord in his glory speaks at the Climate Change Conference and pledges several billion to 'third world' countries, so I assume the national debt has been cleared overnight with a sweep of Darling's eyebrows
US consumers cut spending last month and turned gloomier this month, underscoring the fragility of the economy's recovery even as signs emerged that manufacturing may be picking up.
The analysis that generated phony optimism used somewhat different assumptions than a recent gloomier report by the trustees of Social Security.
The Palestinian Patriarch certainly deserves our recognition, but his struggle has not ended, and the future of his Palestinian Christian community now seems gloomier than ever before.
Gloomier friends would describe him as being "in the life.