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To date, after 1-year follow-up, the patient is well and free of disease; thus, a diagnosis of benign glomus tumor may be suggested.
Because of this morphologic overlap, a unifying concept of perivascular myoid proliferations is evolving, with myopericytoma as the umbrella term for the morphologic continuum of lesions that represent myofibromatosis or angioleiomyoma at one end of the spectrum and glomus tumor (with hemangiopericytoma-like vessels or glomangiomyoma) at the other end.
Glomus tumor of the chest wall has been described by Enziger and Weiss.
Furthermore, these tumors are distinctive in the sense that under light microscopy they are composed of more uniform tumor cells, lacking glomus tumor or myofibroblastic-like differentiation.
These findings are consistent with the interpretation of a glomus tumor arising in a mature teraroma.
Findings on frozen-section analysis of its cystic components were consistent with a glomus tumor.
Carotid angiography demonstrated characteristics typical of a large glomus tumor that was supplied primarily by branches of the external carotid artery (figure 2).
Although I perform stapes procedures, chronic ear surgery, cochlear implants, labyrinthectomies, and glomus tumor surgery and manage patients with peripheral and central (neuro logic) forms of dizziness, I consider these to be within the realm of an otologist.
We describe a rare case of a glomus tumor of the pinna.
This edition has new illustrations and new chapters on sudden unilateral neuralgiform conjunctival injection tearing headache, primary thunderclap headache, hypnic headache, nummular headache, atypical odontalgia, burning mouth syndrome, nervus intermedius neuralgia, red ear syndrome, clival chordoma syndrome, glomus tumor of the shoulder, osteonecrosis of the elbow joint, driver's elbow, boxer's knuckle, trigger wrist, superior cluneal nerve entrapment syndrome, clitoral priapism, breaststroker's knee, glomus tumor of the knee, and fabella syndrome.
Around 80% of paragangliomas are carotid body or jugulotympanic glomus tumors.
For example, abnormal blood flow can point to glomus tumors.
As glomus tumors may actively secrete catecholamines (Borba, De Castro, & Al-Mefty 2000), a 24-hour urine collection was ordered for vanillylmandelic acid, metanephrines, and total catecholamines.
Most recently, Stanford CyberKnife protocols for treatment of patients with glomus tumors, trigeminal neuralgia and skull base tumors have shown excellent results, said Richard T.
Class C tumors are temporal glomus tumors in the strict sense because they are confined to the petrous temporal bone.