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The glomus jugulare tumor is the most common paraganglioma of the head and neck followed by carotid body and intravagal paragangliomas.
Abstract: Glomus jugulare tumors are rare, normally benign, paragangliomas located in and around the jugular foramen at the base of the skull.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) detected a l5-mm (maximum mediolateral diameter) vestibular schwannoma on the right (figure 1, A), and computed tomography (CT) identified a Fisch type D glomus jugulare tumor on the left (figure 1, B).
3-5) A vestibular schwannoma was diagnosed incidentally on radiologic investigation for a glomus jugulare tumor in 2 cases, (4,5) and a glomus jugulare tumor was diagnosed incidentally at operation for a vestibular schwannoma in 1 case.
44) Maarouf M, Voges J, Landwehr P et al: Stereotactic linear accelerator-based radiosurgery for the treatment of patients with glomus jugulare tumors.
1) In many of the reported cases, jugular fossa meningiomas mimicked glomus jugulare tumors and lower cranial nerve neuromas.
They frequently produce hyperostosis and bone thickening, but usually without the bone erosion that glomus jugulare tumors display.
On our first meeting we discussed the treatment of aspiration from pharyngeal paralysis with large glomus jugulare tumors.