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Synonyms for glom

take by theft

seize upon or latch onto something

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Senate hopeful from Rye, may have been getting under some people's skin for helping, and then glomming on to, Scott Brown's successful U.
People huddle around space heaters suspended from the walls or the ceilings instead of glomming onto the back pew like in Canada.
Or does what we discard somehow worm its way back home, glomming onto our consciences whether we know it or not?
Just a tag-along boy's companion, fox-faced, rough-coated, low-slung Trixie took pleasure in glomming onto anything that dropped from a tree or out of the sky at the crack of a.
While there are any number of products that are glomming onto Apple's "i" generally with little in the way of legitimacy, in the case of this vehicle there is credibility in that rather than having a quotidian key or even an electronic keyfob for entry and ignition, the iChange uses an iPhone.
In nature, each snowflake begins as a bit of dust, a bacterium or a pollutant in the sky, around which water molecules start glomming together and freezing to form a tiny crystal of ice.
Likewise, charter schools can be justified as an experiment worth pursuing for reasons that have little to do with market pressures and competition, though conservatives most certainly have tried to claim ownership of the charter idea by glomming pro-market, anti-teacher's union rhetoric onto it.