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Synonyms for glom

take by theft

seize upon or latch onto something

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Overeager headline writers glommed onto the data points and made it sound as if these numbers pointed to some sort of impending brown supremacy -- ''As Demographics Change, So Does the Menu.
Each artifact hosted a parasite that glommed onto its surface, evoking a tumor or a tick before any form of assemblage blessed with an art-historical pedigree.
2004 may go down as the year in which independent producers glommed onto a truism the major studios have known for years: Give 'em what they want.
After just a few hours, nearly all the cells in the solution had glommed onto the coating.
Yet many of those 30 million paid subscribers are kids who have glommed on to texting with a remarkable resilience.
After many months, a $50,000 six-month option was finally negotiated through producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, and Picker glommed onto the deal, then considered exorbitant.
Just because a cadre of bloggers, policy wonks and headline writers glommed on to the idea that the sole purpose of making nutrition information readily available to consumers is to dissuade them from eating doesn't mean the information isn't important.
They discovered that zinc sulfide nanoparticles "were being scooped up and glommed together into spheroids," he says.
DWP glommed onto the Rapidway project about one year too late, and the MTA never thought about how it might save some money on water that could be used for better services or lower fares.
Based on the way women in particular have glommed onto the bodice-caressing aspects of such fare (consider the torch a dedicated few are still carrying for CBS' "Moonlight"), HBO figures to have a cult hit on its hands at the very least--with Moyer representing the kind of brooding figure many would covet, dead or undead.
Because the bacterial cells were negatively charged, and the wafer and nanoparticles had positive charges, the particles glommed on to the bacteria and stayed there when the wafer dried.
Late in the afternoon, CNN seemed to have a scoop on an attack in Kabul, Afghanistan; the other networks glommed onto the exclusive image until Wolf Blitzer confirmed the bombing was part of a civil war and not any U.
Barack Obama told friends he was rerunning "To Kill a Mockingbird," but sources say he glommed on to "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus" so he could stay tuned to the youth demo.
There, the negatively charged nanoparticles glommed on to red blood cells, which ordinarily carry a positive charge.
Before and during the Clinton administration, Democrats glommed on to "protecting kids" from TV, music and videogames as their go-to "family values" issue, knowing that much of Hollywood will support them regardless.