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Synonyms for glom

take by theft

seize upon or latch onto something

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When the media glommed onto that fact, Piper was off on a whirlwind that included an appearance on Good Morning America and nationwide newspaper coverage.
Now that Clinton has glommed onto the national conversation, it won't just dissipate through the airwaves over time.
Thus far, it's been as an after-market process - no major manufacturer has glommed onto it, yet.
Overeager headline writers glommed onto the data points and made it sound as if these numbers pointed to some sort of impending brown supremacy -- ''As Demographics Change, So Does the Menu.
Each artifact hosted a parasite that glommed onto its surface, evoking a tumor or a tick before any form of assemblage blessed with an art-historical pedigree.
While many people nowadays, particularly those who might ask the aforementioned HEMI question with a tone of derision, have probably glommed on to the second word beginning with an "H" in the name of the two new vehicles, "Hybrid," the HEMI is potentially the proverbial competitive edge in the full-size SUV market.
Religion for Bush, which he glommed onto during his battle with the bottle, is, we are told, more a self-help program than a deeply thought-through belief system.
They discovered that zinc sulfide nanoparticles "were being scooped up and glommed together into spheroids," he says.
In 2001, the New Yorker glommed on to Sproule's "noteworthy guitar chops and .
2004 may go down as the year in which independent producers glommed onto a truism the major studios have known for years: Give 'em what they want.
Parris Glendening, who pushed through the country's first avowed "smart growth" bill in 1997, has glommed onto the idea.
It's funny to me that little girls have glommed on to the show so much.
Just because a cadre of bloggers, policy wonks and headline writers glommed on to the idea that the sole purpose of making nutrition information readily available to consumers is to dissuade them from eating doesn't mean the information isn't important.
Vehicle designers, engineers and manufacturers--to say nothing of the marketers--have glommed onto the whole "crossover" architecture in a big way.
Because the bacterial cells were negatively charged, and the wafer and nanoparticles had positive charges, the particles glommed on to the bacteria and stayed there when the wafer dried.