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a compacted or sessile cyme

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This large number of glomerules, spread evenly from the bottom to the top of the stems, is typical of T.
Inflorescence few to many flowered, lateral cymes or glomerules, 1.
Inflorescences in racemes, spikes, corymbs or glomerules of triads, bracteates, axillary to terminal.
It is distinguished by its long inflorescences that are not leafy but bear much reduced leaflike bracts that are never longer than the glomerules.
Inflorescences of 2-8 erect to oblique sessile glomerules, well spaced on a rachis 4-15 cm long; bracts 3-8 mm long, slender; peduncles absent or nearly so.
Receptacles are said zygocarpic (composed or mixed), malacocarpic (cylindrical and smooth) or acanthocarpic (spiny), qualified of carpophylles or pseudocarpophylles, arranged in cymes, racemes or glomerules.
Claw of petal blades crimped; robust plants with stout cormous rhizomes and culms at least 5 mm thick; inflorescence often diffuse, comprised of many glomerules of spikelets.
wunschmannii, but differs for having inconspicuous pubescence of apressed hairs, leaves 7-17 mm long, glomerules with an involucre of 2-4 bracts of 7-13 mm long.