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a percussion instrument consisting of a set of graduated metal bars mounted on a frame and played with small hammers

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Think more of the album as a mortal coil, served with a piano ping, pluck of a violin and the cry of a mallet on a glockenspiel.
Prudhoe-based BNS Telecom donated a glockenspiel worth pounds 850 to the band, with cash from its charity fund.
From the creepiness of Mapped By What Surrounded Them and its lyrics: "These walls are filled with blame" to the bitter bile of the title track and its nursery sounding glockenspiel, in Scotland only Glasvegas touch them for true originality.
We had a go at playing the glockenspiel," says 11-year-old Georgia Baker.
Their brand of melancholic folk rock pop, which could be described as a cross between The Kooks and Damien Rice, proved infectious with the sound of the glockenspiel combining wonderfully with the eerie vocals of Leon Millar to create truly beautiful melodies.
What a wonderful sound these giant glockenspiel type instruments ring out with.
First came the elegant little Stravinsky - sparsely populated and chamber-size - followed by the main feature with its giant forces, which packed every square inch of stage, and then some, including various keyboard instruments (the onde martenot among them), temple blocks, tam-tams, manacas, tabor, glockenspiel.
Jack White was jumping between a guitar, marimbas, a xylophone, glockenspiel and piano.
Meanwhile, KT, whose American tour this month will feature acoustic instruments such as double bass, mandolin and glockenspiel, has revealed she will play some new songs on the US tour.
And Gergiev hears them as clearly as he does the brilliantly polished surface, the sombre opening ceding to growing jubilation, the ominous tick-tick glockenspiel theme never far from earshot.
Karine, whose brother Steven, 33, plays guitar on the album with sister Kerry, 29, guesting on glockenspiel and vocals, says she does not feel brave with her lyrics.
Special mention has to go to the glockenspiel player who looked like she was so completely absorbed in the music, she may well have been unaware there was even an audience there.
IF you attended the Midland Model Engineering Show at Stoneleigh recently, you may well have seen Petbusker - a hand-cranked organ with glockenspiel and pipes, plus busker organ, demonstrated by the Pettifers, who kindly donated pounds 55 collected that day to the appeal.
And that includes towards that so-and-so who bought Johnny Junior that glockenspiel.
Made up of two pairs of brothers and sisters - Romeo Stodart (lead guitar, vocals), Michele Stodart (bass, vocals), Sean Gannon (drums) and Angela Gannon (melodica, percussion, glockenspiel, vocals) - their rise came swiftly, beginning in the summer of 2004 supporting Travis, Ed Harcourt and Snow Patrol and appearing on the bill of some low-key UK festivals, building an intense following.