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a percussion instrument consisting of a set of graduated metal bars mounted on a frame and played with small hammers

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Sealed proposals marked "COR3677 - Engineering Services for Detailed Design of the Glockenspiel Restoration Project" will be received by the City of Regina, City Hall, Main Floor, Ambassadors Desk or 5th Floor, Purchasing Branch, 2476 Victoria Avenue, P.
The Media Glockenspiel is adorned with 12 LCD monitors playing animations created by university art students.
The wistful melody is accompanied by guitar and glockenspiel but minus a lot of the electronics that complement previous releases.
That the album incorporates a number of uncommon instruments, including concert bells, a mellotron and a glockenspiel makes it unique--but that Asen was the one playing each of them makes this album a fantastic achievement.
I should imagine there is not a lot of work out there for maestros of the glockenspiel.
He learned to play the mandolin, piano, drums, harp, flute, glockenspiel, pan pipes, vibraphone, and synthesizer and cut his first album at the age of 16.
It best-known attraction is its medieval Glockenspiel display which performs for the crowd from high-up on the 7th floor of the old Rathaus (Town Hall).
Instruments were soprano glockenspiel, alto glockenspiel, alto metallophone, soprano xylophone, alto xylophone, hand drum, tambourine, shaker, guiro, maracas, claves, and African drums.
I play most of all the guitars and keyboards myself, and lots of incidental instruments like mandolin, glockenspiel, percussion, etc.
They've formed a nonprofit group called Music Makers that this year donated $10,000 to buy instruments -- including a glockenspiel and xylophone equipped with removable bars to make them easier for children to play -- and $15,370 to help defray program costs.
Music remains at the forefront in Arcangel's project The Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" Glockenspiel Addendum, 2006.
The whimsical mural features a life-sized Glockenspiel, with each detail mirroring the clocks found in major European cities, including astrological signs and Roman numerals on the clock face, as well as open-faced gears.
This particular incarnation was spotted in a Bavarian butcher shop, but it's sure to hit large chain American grocery stores faster than you can say glockenspiel.
With its enormous tower (88 metres high) and famous Amsterdam Glockenspiel, or carillon (forty bells), the church could once be seen and heard by every Potsdamer.
This lack of understanding was evident as I stumbled through the glockenspiel part repeatedly in one particular section.