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Synonyms for globule

Synonyms for globule

a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

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a small globe or ball

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globulus reforestation on the degree of water repellency in the soils of south-western Australia compared with other land uses (agriculture and natural bush land); (ii) investigate possible relationships between soil properties and water repellency through statistical analysis and simulations of interactions between particle surfaces and waxes; and (iii) explore the likely implications for plantation and water-resource management.
Cerambicideos (Coleoptera) que atacan Eucalyptus globulus y Eucalyptus grandis en Uruguay.
2010) that examined the effects of a spray containing Eucalyptus citriodora, Eucalyptus globulus, Mentha piperita, Origanum syriacum, and Rosmarinus officinalis E0 versus a placebo spray for changes in severity of the most debilitating symptom (sore throat, hoarseness, or cough) of upper respiratory tract infections over a short period.
bushiensis and Sphaeridiotrema globulus infections have periodically caused mass mortalities in waterfowl since 1928 (reviewed in Herrmann and Sorensen (2009)).
La recherche d'expression d'Encolpe apparait ici aussi dans l'emploi image, atteste dans ce seul passage, du substantif globulus a propos de langue et de style (<< des mots doucereux comme des bonbons >>): ThLL s.
Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus radiata are also very beneficial for opening stuffy sinuses.
Stylet penetration and survival of three psyllid species on adult leaves and 'waxy' and 'de-waxed' juvenile leaves of Eucalyptus globulus.
There was much debate over the replacement trees and whether they should be California natives in line with campus sustainability practices or the original Eucalyptus globulus (commonly referred to as blue gum trees, originally from Australia) out of respect for campus history.
Arriagada R, Garcia R, Molina-Sabio M, Rodriguez-Reinoso F (1997) Effect of steam activation on the porosity and chemical nature of activated carbons from Eucalyptus globulus and peach stones.
Papua New Guinea, Japan, globulus (Tasmanian blue United States, South gum), Ficus soatensis America, US Virgin Islands, (rubber Savanna), Pinus British Virgin Islands radiata * (Monterey pine), Terminalia catappa (almond) India Acacia nilotica (thorn Africa, Asia, Australia, tree), Azadirachta indica Caribbean, Central America, (neem tree), Cassia fistula Hawaii, Indonesia, (golden shower tree), Malaysia, Pacific Islands, Cassia marginata, E.
Eucalyptus globulus is a plant belongs to the family Myraceae, which grows in Morocco region and is a potential source of essential oils
The species was growing up the trunk of Eucalyptus globulus (Fig.