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Synonyms for globule

Synonyms for globule

a quantity of liquid falling or resting in a spherical mass

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a small globe or ball

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Determination of globule size by photon cross correlation spectroscopy and Zeta potential
Christopher Herbert discovered the globule when clearing out a cupboard, and found it amusing that the shape resembled a face.
Rockfish are viviparous and the oil globule size of larvae at parturition has been shown to have direct effects on time until starvation and growth rate.
The Government of Pakistan takes pride in being the largest contributor of peace keepers around the World and reaffirms its resolve to uphold all its commitments in ensuring globule peace.
Clemens [3] found that practically all Bok globules they observed through CO spectroscopy resulted associated with IR emission, so they could affirm that "almost every Bok globule harbours a young star".
The globule becomes less dense and will rise to the top,'' Houser said.
Eye specialist George Turner performed the two-hour operation in the Eye Centre for Vision at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital just before Christmas to correct a crumpled retina in his left eye and to remove a globule of a hard, jelly-like substance which formed on the back of the retina.
The way the product is made, with cream that retains a large globule size, is claimed to help the spreadability.
All I want to do is hide away from that great globule in the sky that's making me SAD, but the wrong way round.
The absence of air maintains fat globule size and fat globule clusters so that less energy is needed to achieve the required separation result.
The Assembly is not a globule, but a body made up of many parts.
In a recent trial, a standard valve was operated at 220bar and gave an average milk fat globule diameter of 0.
Plasmin, plasminogen and plasminogen activators are associated with the casein micelles and milk fat globule membranes found in milk.
Elsewhere in the Milky Way, Spitzer viewed a dark, elongated globule known as the Elephant's Trunk nebula.
The correct temperature is read from whichever globule rests at the bottom.