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having the shape of a sphere or ball

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The phylogeny revealed an ancestral range within Clade E primitive members so characterized by globose and often internally proliferating sporangia.
9-12): Epandrium yellow with long yellow setulae; surstylus strongly sclerotized, globose, with small pointed prominence directed medially, smooth, with sparse setulae around median prominence, weakly articulating with epandrium.
Neuronal pathology presents with typical finding of cytoplasmic, globose 4R-tau-immunoreactive inclusions and diffuse granular cytoplasmic inclusions immunoreactive for tau (so-called pretangles) (Figure 2, a and b).
A strong allometric slope from more globose and robust shelled smaller individuals to increasingly fusiform shell shapes in larger individuals was identified.
Lactophenol blue tape preparations revealed globose sporangia with rhizoids directly under unbranched short sporangiophore.
The colony culture on PDA was olive green to gray in color, conidiomata was up to 1 mm diameter, globose to sub globose.
Think of an upright, globose small to medium size tree (30 feet) that blooms in July bearing yellow flower clusters.
The fruits are small globose drupes with fleshy yellow mesocarp (pulp) and characteristic flavor and aroma.
Shape of capsula seminalis: 0) globose, without constriction; 1) digitiform; 2) globose, with a medial or basal constriction; 3) semiglobose, with an apical process; 4) conical; 5) subquadrangular.