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marine protozoan having a rounded shell with spiny processes

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quinqueloba differs from other Globigerina species encountered in having five subglobular chambers, slightly flattened radially, in the final whorl.
The species differs from Globigerinoides tenellus and Globigerinoides ruber in having a more lobulate periphery and in the absence of supplementary apertures; and from other Globigerina species in having a coarsely perforate wall.
Key to the species of Globigerina from Thukela Shelf
ra), Epistomina umbonifera (ra), Fissurina marginata (ra), Globigerina praebulloides (ra), Globobulimina sp.
laevigata (ra), Gavelinella beccariiformis (ra), Gavelinella danica (ra), Gavelinellopsis micra (ra), Globigerina linaperta (ra), Globorotalia intermedia-wilcoxensis, Gyroidina octocamerata (ra, caved to 1386.
Tanner (1835-1906) was making familiar entries of salps, foraminifera, globigerina, large red crabs, starfish, squid, "coral growth," barnacles, and lobsters, reflecting the growing interest of all in that portion of the harvest.
She has found that the isotopic composition of two species, Globigerina bulloides and Globigerinoides ruber, accurately records sea surface temperature changes in Guaymas Basin [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED].
Stellate, Nummulitesacutus, Nummuliteslaevigatus, Nummulitesdistans, Nummulitespuschi, Nummulitesbrongriarti, Nummulitesfabianii, Acarininabullbrooki, Subbotinaeocaena, Globigerina lozani, Globigerina hagni, Turborotaliacerroazulensis, Globigrinaeocaena(Fig.
Nummulitesacutus, Nummuliteslaevigatus, Nummulitesdistans, Nummulitespuschi, Globigerina lozani, Globigerina hagni.
Anderson of the University of Colorado in Boulder and his colleagues looked to a seeming unrelated subject: the microscopic, hard-shelled foraminifer Globigerina bulloides in sediments of the Arabian Sea.
This microfacies consist of Discocyclina, Nummulites and Operculina and with a lower amount planktonic foraminifera like Globigerina spp.