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someone who travels widely and often

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A Cook Abroad: Rick Stein's Australia BBC2, 9pm We've seen Rick Stein go globetrotting before - he's already toured Spain and India, among other places - and now he's off somewhere very close to his heart.
She was globetrotting, spending time in very exotic locations and doing this on a relatively modest declared salary.
By the end of this gustatory gallivant, Mom and company will have experienced the cuisinary results of the globetrotting cultures - Persians, Moors, Portuguese and Spanish - whose aggressive intra- and inter-continental trade ultimately cross-pollinated ingredients, flavor combinations and cooking traditions across Latin America and India - a cross-pollination that defines Vermilion's food.
More than half of school leavers are scrapping plans to go on a globetrotting gap year and instead are working to save cash to pay for university life, a new survey has found.
The head of a Government spending watchdog was tonight cleared of any wrongdoing after racking up pounds 336,000 in expenses from globetrotting trips.
Italian airline Eurofly will start the first direct commercial flights between Rome and New Delhi in 2007 to tap demand from a burgeoning class of globetrotting Indians, company officials said on Tuesday.
Sudbury's globetrotting Robert Lipic of Mining Technologies International Inc.
TWO globetrotting Kingstanding DJs who played for Madonna are bringing their music back to Birmingham.
It is challenging to keep up with the transitions in the plot because of its globetrotting and flashbacks.
Her debut album promises more of the same globetrotting, border-smashing excitement.
He's a 10-year pro who failed to make it through Q-school at age 18 and spent the next decade globetrotting and becoming a moderate success in Europe and Asia.
Jim Soliski's articles have been previously published in newspapers around the world including The Chicago Tribune and Outpost Magazine; now they are gathered in single amazing tour de force that is the next best thing to personal globetrotting.
educators in the case studies and examples found in the globetrotting reportage to support the study.
His globetrotting has brought the symbolism of the papacy to almost every nook and cranny on earth.
Glenfiddich's globetrotting stag is coming back to TV screens ill a pre-Christmas 1.