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any of several plants of the genus Trollius having globose yellow flowers

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A specific example of genetic variation (AFLP) partitioning by a geographically widespread species is the European globeflower, wherein Despres et al.
The globeflower has gorgeous yellow blooms in spring and loves a sunny spot with a fertile soil.
If all this talk of the Himalayas makes you feel giddy, the common globeflower, Trollius europaeus, may be just the cure.
These protected areas have become a refuge for the survival of many meadow plants that are in danger of extinction, among them the globeflower (Trollius europaeus), the Siberian iris (Iris sibirica), the sweet vernal grass (Hierochloe odorata), the fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris), the marsh gentian (Gentiana pneumonanthe), and many orchids.
and globeflower flies (Pellmyr 1989, Pellmyr 1992), Ficus and fig wasps (Janzen 1979, Wiebes 1979), and Yucca and yucca moths (Riley 1892).
It is surrounded by the Siberian versions of such familiar delights as ladies' bedstraw, cotton grass, bellflower, and such exceptional ones as a carnelian-colored day lily, a fat orange globeflower, and the wonderfull named gooseneck loosestrife.
This is the case of the harebell (Campanula rotundifolia), globeflower (Trollius europaeus, T.