globe mallow

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genus of coarse herbs and subshrubs of arid North and South America having pink or scarlet flowers and globose fruits

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Arizona's spring launches a wildflower show that begins February through April with Mexican gold poppies, blue lupin and golden globe mallow.
Immediately south of Interstate 10, between Tucson and Casa Grande, this westernmost Civil War battlefield (fought on April 15, 1862) and 3,440-acre state park usually sprouts gold poppies, desert lupin and globe mallow.
Now through June, the gently undulating landscape is scattered with Western wallflower, lupine, Indian paintbrush, and scarlet globe mallow.
Now through April, you may also see the orange of globe mallow, purplish hues of indigo bush, and golds of desert marigold.
A trickle of water provides a refreshing change from the dry desert, butterflies flutter among tall purple-flowered thistles and globe mallows add dollops of orange.