globe amaranth

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tropical American herb having rose to red or purple flowers that can be dried without losing color

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The USDA advises that the following plants develop best for transplanting if grown at 60 to 65 degrees and 10 to 12 hours of light each day: calliopsis, China aster, cornflower, strawflower, gaillardia, globe amaranth, petunia, phlox, poppy, portulaca, rudbeckia, salpiglossis, scabiosa, snapdragon and verbena.
Red celosia, lamb's ears, and red and white globe amaranth, which you can grow in your garden and dry, will make striking accents.
Start with fresh flowers and seedpods from your yard or a local florist; here, Chapman used billy balls, globe amaranth, string of pearls, poppy seedpods, and dwarf pineapples (available on Etsy) for a festive look.
Ornamentals such as begonias, dahlias, zinnias, celosia, amaranth, heliotrope, portulaca and globe amaranth like high temperatures.
Acacia / Dusty miller Eucalyptus / Globe amaranth / Millet Ornamental cabbage Peppermint tree / Privet Queen Anne's lace / Snapdragon
All of her 100 seed varieties--including a pale blush Scabiosa, 30 colors of sweet peas, and a custom color blend of globe amaranth, shown here--are tried-and-true (and tried again) performers.
Try ageratum, bedding dahlias, globe amaranth, impatiens, lobelia, Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus), marigold, petunia, phlox, portulaca, salvia, Sanvitalia, statice, sunflower, sweet alyssum, and zinnia.
For sunny spots, choose from cosmos, garden verbena, globe amaranth, Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus), marigolds, portulaca, gentian sage, 'Victoria' mealycup sage, scarlet sage, sunflower, and zinnias.