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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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Globalizing Democracy may be read as a follow-up to Gould's earlier book, Rethinking Democracy (Cambridge University Press, 1988), in which she proposed a view of democratic theory that had a conception of human rights at its core.
Ajit Singh, mentioned as one of Hertz's advisers, says that the resultant liberalizing and globalizing regime 'is sub-optimal both for the rich and poor countries and is responsible for keeping the world economy functioning below its potential'.
Also at the research-based, boutique end of the localization service chain, Action Japan, which acts as a globalization management consultant, has evolved a "hybrid approach" based on "localizing non-native staff and globalizing local staff," says CEO Victoria Bolam.
Are you being radical enough in globalizing your management style and structures?
Those of African descent in the western hemisphere, in many cases, are the result of a previous globalizing effort--the transatlantic slave trade.
In terms of managers of born global and gradual globalizing firms and their mindsets, there is very little research.
Politically the Cold War was indeed a globalizing experience.
In a sense, the world that for centuries had left the border pretty much alone roared in like an occupying army in the globalizing '90s, bringing with it international mafias, the transnational flow of the desperately poor, and booming global trade.
Kiesler's notes reveal an affinity for globalizing and holistic visions that stem from simple, humble concepts.
Our forward-looking statements are the result of profound analysis on trends in our globalizing economies that we anticipate in our industry.
According to IDC's Internet Executive Panel, a study that tracks ecommerce companies' globalization efforts, 60% of B2B companies are globalizing their Web sites.
Left unaddressed, these risks may undermine political support for globalizing measures that increase allocative and productive efficiencies.
Both its newly named chairman, Paolo Fresco, 64, who takes office in June, and its chief executive since 1996, Paolo Cantarella, 52, are professional managers oriented towards globalizing an international family-dominated institution that even today represents almost 5 percent of Italy's GDP and, with other Agnelli holdings, comprises almost 25 percent of the Milan Stock Exchange.
At Monsanto, we began globalizing our pension-fund assets in 1993, and we're still ironing out the kinks.
This experience, in combination with the impressive systems integration expertise of Altro Solutions, uniquely positions Uniscape to provide Vignette customers with a comprehensive solution for globalizing their Web sites and maintaining multilingual ebusinesses.