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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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The Globalizer Summit will share the vision of Nutrients for All: Vitality for People and the Planet and showcase the social innovators, businesses, and international organizations who are leading this movement from every corner of the world.
In the meantime, globalizers from both the economies have a lot of learning to do.
Notes to Editors: Web Globalizer is a registered trademark of Jubilee Tech International.
com's product, Globalizer, enhances e-commerce sites with a simple pull down menu, which allows international customers to see prices in their own currency.
RateStream's Globalizer product offers all companies the ability to offer multi-currency pricing without having to localize their sites for different markets.
A leading globalizer in higher education, NYIT has pioneered the use of new technology within the classroom since 1955.
Seven Secrets of Successful Globalizers," Offshore Insights (Sept.
In 2006, it officially became the richest country in the world, and it has reached its lofty position by doing exactly the opposite of what the globalizers prescribe.
51) This tension has been exemplified by negotiations on NATO's New Strategic Concept, in which the globalizers emphasized the need to counter new security threats at their source (which is frequently far beyond NATO's core area) and the traditionalists called for NATO to "come home.
Hypothesis 2: Managers of born global firms will have more international experience than managers of gradual globalizers.
In making his case, Rodrik takes passing swipes at "free market religion" and "knee-jerk globalizers.
To the extent that the globalizers who lean on Jacobs are half right, it is mainly through an error of omission.
Since 1999, Supply WisdomSMhas helped organizations be better globalizers by providing real-time data and analytics, supply monitoring services and actionable advice about global services and sourcing.
Having three such seasoned professionals will further help us execute on our mission to help clients be great globalizers.
The other international alternative is to rely on the regulatory globalizers themselves to address the problem.