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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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In the past year, through implementing 'globalized wavering' strategy, Yili has woven a big network encompassing globalized resource systems, innovation systems and marketing systems that its global strategic pattern is initially finished.
Soaring on the music of Enya, Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar, Globalized Soul casts beautiful light on the human path toward harmony.
But at the end of the day, the Institute makes a continuous and powerful case for the benefits of a globalized free market system.
The world of commercial pop music is youth-oriented and globalized, the aim being to synthesize a recording that every 16-year-old on the planet will buy at the same time.
Written in no-nonsense terms especially for lay job-hunters struggling to adapt to the increasingly flexible and globalized market of today, Get A Job .
The topics discussed were, "among others: exegesis, catechesis and liturgy; interreligious dialogue with Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism; the challenges created by the sects and the growing problem of fundamentalism; the question of religious values in the secularized societies; and the theme of justice and peace in a globalized world.
has one of the highest high school dropout rates in the industrial world, which can't be comforting news in the ferociously competitive environment of an increasingly globalized economy.
We might want to recognize that by maintaining this posture toward children, a globalized 21st century makes it more likely that women will leave their children behind for long periods of their lives as they seek the work that is now available to them, but not to their children, work paid in valuable dollars and euros.
The former Gdansk shipyard worker, a Nobel Peace laureate and a founder of the Solidarity trade union movement in Poland, spoke of the change from a world of blocs and nation states to one of globalized information, intellect and technology.
Inspired by President Reagan," prayed Father Coughlin, "empower all of us, Lord, to play our part in crumbling the walls of separation and in opening the gates to a globalized world.
More than 185 evangelical leaders from 50 countries met in Queretaro, Mexico, in September to examine the impact of the globalized economy on the poor.
The discussions of Andree, Jane, and Paulette Nardal's engagement with the Clamart Salon and its offspring, La Revue du monde noir, demonstrate their efforts to promote a globalized, multicultural black consciousness.
We're a globalized industry where businesses are building relationships directly with producers and producers are building relationships directly with consumers.
ROME -- A Catholic response to the globalized economy must be a globalization of solidarity marked by true sharing and work for justice, Pope John Paul II said in a message to the July 7-12 general assembly of Caritas Internationalis, the umbrella organization of Catholic charities worldwide.