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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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CIB-APARG had no hidden interests or agendas, no lobbies and no demands, said Ghandy, except a desire to enable India and other developing countries to maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats represented by globalization.
Although the concept of globalization in has long been dominated by economic considerations, the non-economic dimensions of current international processes are increasingly being recognized.
As long as globalization is the defining project of the center, then those who put their bodies in motion in response to its contradictions will have material and moral interest to fight its machinations.
Consequently, he writes, the United States can choose to guide globalization, with the end of extending the benefits of the process more equally.
The author has carefully thought Out and researched the issues related to contemporary globalization and its impact on people around the globe.
But studies show globalization results in rapid growth that generates resources necessary to clean up eco-systems, such as developing more efficient [CO.
The reality of globalization is not alien to world religions.
com), a globalization management system (GMS) that integrates closely with clients' content management systems (such as Microsoft or Interwoven) or even a free, automated translation support facility (www.
Why the globalization debate does not see it this way is hard to fathom, other than that, perhaps, it is simply taboo to say anything favorable about the current trends in free-market economics.
The cheerleaders of corporate-imposed globalization can dismiss neither of these authors as marginal anti-capitalist cranks.
GENEVA -- An International Labour Organization commission will look at ways to turn globalization into a tool for reducing poverty and unemployment, while fostering growth and sustainable development.
What we've learned," says Charles Calomiris, a globalization expert at the American Enterprise Institute, "is that if you want to liberate people from poverty, you set up clear rules and let the governments get out of the way.
Oil is a key ingredient in the process of globalization, and that means so is Saudi Arabia, the world's top producer.