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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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It is certainly not far-fetched, though, especially considering the decades of globalist and communist support for terrorism, tyranny, and even mass murder, often as a means to an end.
These same institutions have enjoyed a correspondingly profound role in the construction of a New World Order, one in which globalist elites have engineered the concentration and centralization of power and wealth--into their hands.
Openly proclaiming the administration's loyalty to the globalist UN "sustainability" agenda, Duncan boasted of how the U.
While opposition to globalist integration schemes is growing, the trend toward ever more ambitious and numerous "free trade" regimes is accelerating as well.
Those who dismiss all globalist attitudes in this way are misguided.
I argue that the future of Turkish politics will be heavily dominated by globalist demands, and, subsequently, Turkish foreign policy as well.
Their commitment to the globalist dream has blinded them to national needs and international realities.
So, globalist planners--both from the "West" and from the "East"--are making use of sub-regional governments that will eventually all be merged under the emerging single African regime.
The globalist model for Sino-American growth--China saves while the U.
Utilizing both neorealist and globalist perspectives, Francis (U.
No doubt the fact that none of these projects was by an African--indeed, that there was almost no work at the festival by Third World citizens--confirmed the curators' notion of unpluggedness, but it struck a clanging note on the hopeful globalist ear; and works such as Carnivore, 2001, by the collective Radical Software Group, and They Rule, 2001, by Josh On and Future-farmers, logged in as merely competently designed, predictably cautionary tales of the six degrees of separation between powerful networks and corporate kings.
And there are neat comparisons to be made between the Cold War paranoia that informed the '68 original and the globalist issues this millennial version touches on.
Accustomed to having the media at his command to float big ideas, Soros was not amused by what he viewed as others' attempts to use him as a globalist straight man.
Acting as a globalist, he pushed for a multinational outcome rather than a national resolution.
Both personify for us certain ideas of community practice: practice increasingly under threat from current globalist agendas.