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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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Although globalism in some way shaped American strategy for a century, September 11 gave it a huge boost and temporarily quelled its opponents.
It was a good globalism in which everyone enjoyed prosperity and justice, not like the current one that carry some negatives," he said, adding that the values of freedom, equality and justice that the West is propagating were brought on by Islam more than 14 centuries ago.
The prime minister noted that world changed so rapidly and globalism turned it into a small village.
Little has been written about its history or about how its growth reflects important trends in world sport such as feminism, commercialism and globalism.
In the cities of the Arab world, while the media focus overwhelmingly on questions of religion and war, the future of urban modernity and political globalism is taking shape.
European Culture in a Changing World: Between Nationalism and Globalism edited by Dr.
Within this short space of time, the story brings into focus the impact of globalism on Manila.
Grounded Globalism is an examination of the transformation of Southern identity as the region and its peoples interact with the forces of globalization.
In the wake of 9/11, two powerful ideological rivals emerged: Jihadist Globalism has been pitted against Imperial Globalism, one side seeking to diminish the West's military and economic might and rebuild the Umma (the family of Muslims) through armed or unarmed struggle, the other (often linked with the ideology of the neoconservatives and with the post-2001 war on terror) seeking to use the United States' economic and military power to "democratize" and to "manage an unruly world" (p.
He outlined the virtues of globalism and tolerance in Islam.
Globalism Research Centre & Department for Community Development, Papua New Guinea, p.
95 ) exposes how the trend affects us all, linking outsourcing efforts to economic shifts towards globalism and how it affects immigration policies and job security.
Flatness, globalism, the twilight of sovereignty--these were the waves of the future.
At the present time, the world is confronted with a variety of crises: various frictions caused by economical globalism, widespread destruction of the environment in universal proportions despite advances in science, and unbelievable life situations for children in advanced countries.
The rhetoric of globalism presents globalization as a solvent of borders and of particular identities.