global climate change

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a change in the world's climate

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To know more, to adjust creatively, to stay in business and diversify economic activity successfully, we need first to understand global climate change better, and second to explore the possible implications.
The book presents both a brief historical overview of global climate change politics and an analysis of existing conceptual works on global climate change politics.
This position paper reviews current information on the status of global climate change with particular emphasis on the implications for environmental and public health.
ABOUT MAKE AN IMPACT Change Our 2morrow (CO2) is part of Make an Impact, a program developed by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change in partnership with Alcoa Foundation.
As educators we need to do a better job of working in a transdisciplinary (collaborative) manner in order to communicate the undeniable dangers and urgency of global climate change," Lynch said.
APA's Task Force on the Interface Between Psychology and Global Climate Change examined decades of psychological research and practice that have been specifically applied and tested in the arena of climate change, such as environmental and conservation psychology and research on natural and technological disasters.
Economic analysis of land use in global climate change policy.
Both lawmakers said they believe global climate change is related to the searing temperatures throughout much of the country, and fears of a connection between weather patterns and global warming are propelling increased debates on energy issues.
Environmental Protection Agency, to review current strategies for developing human health models and scenarios in the context of global environmental change, particularly global climate change, and to outline a research agenda that effectively characterizes the interplay of global change with the health of human populations.
If further proof were needed that global climate change is real (see "Welcome to the Greenhouse Century," features, September/October 2000), the breakup of the largest ice shelf in the Northern Hemisphere would seem to offer it.
Eileen Clausen, president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, Washington; Chris Tuppen of British Telecommunications Group, London, and chair of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative; and John Howard, the Federal Environmental Executive.
For wildlife, the biggest wallop from global climate change may not be species extinctions but major shifts in the make-up of creature communities.
Shortly after releasing his FY 2003 budget proposals, President Bush also announced his global climate change initiatives.
Global climate change and emerging infectious diseases.
NEHA's Council of Delegates (upon recommendation of your board of directors) voted to officially adopt positions on Children's Environmental Health, Global Climate Change and Endocrine Disrupters.
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