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Those wishing to take part can visit the Glitzy Secrets website to view the competition question.
4 Step on it - glitzy silver sandals or gold peeptoes are the perfect accompaniment to the ubiquitous little black dress.
Come June 19, Sen will be adding a glitzy touch to a fashion extravaganza.
At left, the Desert Passage shopping mall at the Aladdin is chucking its Arabian bazaar theme and resolving to do better as glitzy Miracle Mile Shops.
Three little cookbooks are fine, recommended picks: they may lack glitzy color photos and heft, but they provide easy recipes which don't need color embellishment to succeed.
The star, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was enjoying a night out at the glitzy Embassy club in London's West End, a popular haunt for millionaire soccer stars.
Richard Branson's son Sam will make his catwalk debut at the glitzy event, hosted by Sir Bob Geldof's 16-year-old daughter Peaches.
While Waste Expo, the annual show for the waste management industry, featured glitzy Las Vegas as its backdrop, the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), the world trade association for recyclers, chose historic Barcelona.
The brunette beauty was planning on joining the likes of Sir George Martin and Dido in jeans until she heard it was a glitzy affair and had to get a taxi round to her favourite designer Kiri to pick up an outfit.
students are willing to pay up to $3,000 for six months of this bruising instruction in hopes of someday starring in the glitzy world of big-time televised wrestling.
In five years, we had to move because the building was torn down and replaced by a glitzy edifice featuring wraparound windows and rents that were out of sight.
Though not as glitzy as other types, substantial tours can be developed with just pictures and text, and are good ways to get started.
The company's old facade as little more than a jumped-up loan sharking operation had been painstakingly scraped off, leaving instead a glitzy, well-oiled outfit that looks like it has a serious business plan.
She could transform herself into a teddy bear, conjure up visions of herself in red, or wish herself into the glitzy, 1950s and 60s with their Pop Art Thunderbirds and Chevys.
So both the music and the dancing in Bombay Dreams are modeled on the exotic (to us) Bollywood production numbers, which combine the sound of traditional Indian music and the steps of traditional Indian dance with the glitzy influence of Western pop forms.