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Premkumar estimated most people would probably fork out around Dh200 -- much cheaper than the cover charge at many glitzier New Year's Eve events in town.
And he believes that if Dubai wins the bid, it will grow and grow - and become glitzier and glitzier.
It had bags of razzmatazz, seemed to be glitzier than ever and was much more showbizzy - if all of that was actually possible on a show like Strictly.
When two years ago business conglomerate DemirE[micro]ren unveiled a mall it built in place of a neoclassical department store in the center of the district, the building construction turned out to be far higher, heavier and glitzier than what city planners had approved.
While Reno's casinos have historically played a major role in attracting visitors and continue to do so today, tourism promoters are now also emphasizing the city's outdoor recreation options, as well as its affordable lodging and entertainment in an effort to set Reno apart from its glitzier cousin, Las Vegas, said Klingensmith of the Reno-Tahoe Marketing Committee.
Things get glitzier on April 10 when NDT shares the bill at the Joyce Theater gala with the likes of Wendy Whelan and Desmond Richardson.
Gas-rich Qatar is aiming to create an asset management hub in the region and is providing a platform for financial services and asset management firms through Qatar Financial Centre, positioned as its answer to glitzier Dubai's financial centre.
With the results in, the female contenders will be doing all they can to sex up their images, so expect to see glitzier dresses, bigger hair and possibly some new noses in the near future
Some features that may make an appearance on aircraft in the coming years include special fold-out seats for babies and children, LED lavatory faucet displays and translucent plastic wall components that could accommodate LED lighting effects on glitzier planes.
By contrast, Marverine Cole operates on a glitzier lever ('Beer Beauty' is her online nom de plume), as demonstrated by her YouTube clip on This Morning, getting Holly and Phil lightly lubricated on accessible ales.
THERE were no huge expectations going into yesterday evening's St Leger Festival Sale, an event offering an opportunity for yearlings who missed the cut at the previous week's glitzier predecessor.
Also worth seeing is the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, the flagship hotel and the hangout of Errol Flynn, Marlon Brando and novelist Ernest Hemingway in glitzier times.
After 30 years in the shadow of the glitzier Vegas Strip three miles south, Downtown is coming back to life.
To my parents' dismay, the camp also accommodated youngsters with a passion for drama, and it was there that I was sidetracked by the glitzier muse of stage and screen.