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Synonyms for glittery

having brief brilliant points or flashes of light

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She referred to herself as "the joke" and thereby pointed to her glittery clothes.
A bit of sartorial sparkle also never goes amiss at Christmas, and glittery or embellished shoes are a great way to work the look without looking like Tinkerbell.
uk) THIS lightweight oil is non-greasy with a gorgeous smell and glittery finish that left my limbs sparkling.
The 28-year-old teamed the skimpy frock with a pair of skyscraping Louboutin heels and a tiny glittery clutch bag as she made her way to a restaurant in California, the Sun reported.
This year the default outfit for anyone who can't make up their mind is the glittery top with skinny jeans and killer heels.
This felt super-luxe and left a lovely glisten on my skin, more gleamy than glittery.
A snowy Christmas day never looked as good as it does through Jane Chapman's glittery illustrations.
She wore no less than four glittery dresses throughout the 105 minute performance and ran through hit after hit.
One is the setup for the Prince's discovery of Cinderella's glittery shoe.
And, of course, for those who prefer faux fur, there were fashionable choices as well, including Tracy Reese's cropped jacket worn over glittery attire So regardless of whether you want to update your dressy outerwear wardrobe or simply add fun to your everyday and weekend cover-ups, there is just the right fur for you,
Natalie, ever a glittery surface person herself, was attracted to Romaine's body as well as the murky depths of her soul.
Fitted pants are fabulous with long, layered tees, cropped cardies and accessories like this glittery sequined belt.
This Scottish quintet caused a bit of a stir on college radio back in the early '90s with a couple of nearly perfect, glittery pop records.
There was something for everyone from their early Guns 'N' Roses-inspired days You Love Us to the glittery pop Roses In The Hospital, to recent hits A Design For Life and If You Tolerate This.
8 MICKALENE THOMAS This Brooklyn-based artist makes glittery paintings and large-scale photographs of black women that cancel out any hope of an essentialist view of "type.