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Synonyms for glitter

Synonyms for glitter

Synonyms for glitter

the quality of shining with a bright reflected light

the occurrence of a small flash or spark

Related Words

be shiny, as if wet

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They are the creation of the spin doctors who stage manage events to present the party in a glitteringly good light.
Everything has that special glow about it - the tiled floors are glitteringly glossy, the carpets and curtains are still vibrant in colour and everything is immaculate.
And if such love as Romeo and Juliet's remains an experiential possibility for all, in truth it is rarely achieved or sustained--hence its glitteringly poignant rarity and short lease of life in the play.
The garden setting wasn't your average back yard, of course - it was the glitteringly beautiful Beverly Hills estate of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, the same one in which Ozzy often stumbles around during episodes of ``The Osbournes.
Which rather sums up the appeal of an actress who people see as a down-toEarth mate rather than a glitteringly aloof star.
The script is at times glitteringly brilliant - witty, observant, wise and clever - and the direction is assured and original.
They're all adopted, all glitteringly successful and all stunningly beautiful.
As an improbable reminder of the power and corruption he fled from in Athens, Timon's new gold is a glitteringly paradoxical discovery: a disruptive presence, at once a return of the past and a measure of its displacement.
What a tragically unlucky end to a glitteringly successful life.
Although technically demanding for the piano soloist - and Javier Perianes was glitteringly up to the task - it is not a concerto in form or scale.