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Synonyms for glitter

Synonyms for glitter

Synonyms for glitter

the quality of shining with a bright reflected light

the occurrence of a small flash or spark

Related Words

be shiny, as if wet

References in classic literature ?
If we add to this evil, the attendant glitter upon glitter, we have a perfect farrago of discordant and displeasing effects.
As far as eye could see from among the rocky gorges and the bristles of the pine woods there came the quick twinkle and glitter of steel, while the wind brought with it sudden distant bursts of martial music from the great host which rolled by every road and by-path towards the narrow pass of Roncesvalles.
Away behind him as far as eye could reach rolled the far-stretching, unbroken river of steel-rank after rank and column after column, with waving of plumes, glitter of arms, tossing of guidons, and flash and flutter of countless armorial devices.
There was no soft blending, or kind obscurity, or elusive mistiness in that searching glitter.
He looked it, and the piercing glitter that arose at times in his eyes was the same piercing glitter I had observed in the eyes of caged leopards and other preying creatures of the wild.
The values of a thousand years glitter on those scales, and thus speaketh the mightiest of all dragons: "All the values of things--glitter on me.
If indeed the course which I steer is a harmless one," he continued, with a strange new glitter in his eyes, "then you are an impertinent stranger to whom my doors cannot any longer be open.
Sunshine gleams between the lines of those short paragraphs--sunshine and the glitter of the sea.
Mankind," asserted the Professor with a self-confident glitter of his iron-rimmed spectacles, "does not know what it wants.
It had stuck to the wood in a bit of wet, and its glitter caught the man's eye.
He paused, smiling sardonically under the fierce glitter of his thick glasses.
One tube of glitter is enough for two jam-jar sized snow globes - The bigger the flakes the better.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Core'dinations brand adds to their extensive line of cardstocks and paper crafting essentials with a pioneering printable glitter paper.
Edible Glitter can be effective in helping consumers identify tablets that would otherwise look similar.
It goes on to list several prominent politicians who were glitter bombed, and says, "The common denominator among these political figures is a conservative orientation and opposition to gay rights, especially marriage equality.