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Synonyms for glitter

Synonyms for glitter

Synonyms for glitter

the quality of shining with a bright reflected light

the occurrence of a small flash or spark

Related Words

be shiny, as if wet

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Imagine the amount of glitter that is used in carnival, it's amazing," he said.
Many are also covered with glitter which contaminates other recycling materials.
Thompson told the Independent that he was "quite concerned" after someone purchased glitter shower gel for his two daughters, saying: "That stuff is going to escape down the plughole and potentially enter the environment.
Ms Hadland, added: "I love glitter, it's lovely, shiny, twinkly stuff, so it is kind of sad, but when we're wrecking the environment we really can't be doing it.
To make it more wearable, just stick with the glitter, using MAC Mixing Medium Eyeliner across your eyelids to stick the ruby red particles in place.
The DPS email attachment links to a Daily Dot story that shows a glitter bomb in action, and warns that glitter bombs can pose health hazards if the glitter enters the eyes, nose or lungs.
But the allegations came to light only around nearly 40 years later when Glitter became the first person to be arrested under Operation Yewtree - the investigation launched by the Met in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.
If you think that the glitter wall paint may be too much for your room, you can make up for this by using the paint as a border.
The product, introduced at an ECRM show earlier this year, offers consumers a three-step process for adding glitter effects to their nails at home.
GRINNING pervert Gary Glitter is to be quizzed over the alleged rape of a 15-year-old British girl, The People can reveal.
DISGRACED paedophile rock singer Gary Glitter was ordered yesterday to sign the sex offenders register within three days as he started a new life in Britain.
Paedophile Gary Glitter finally agreed yesterday to leave Thailand and return to the UK, Thai police said.
SHAMED rock star Gary Glitter was in limbo today after refusing to board a flight to the UK after his release from a Vietnam jail.
of white blood cells (WBCs) which are glitter cells, and
POP paedophile Gary Glitter is in hospital after having a heart attack.