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Synonyms for glistering

having brief brilliant points or flashes of light

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With his blond highlights glistering in the sun, Kevin Bacon didn't get totally loose (a la "Footloose"), but he showed his Philly Soul roots on "Go My Way (The iPod Song).
Upon firing, the impurities produce the glistering bead-like extrusions unique to his work.
Some onlookers in The Mall and Horse Guards Parade unashamedly wept - among them men whose again shoulders now were bowed, but whose service was shown by the medals and stars glistering on their chests.
In Maguy Marin's Cendrillon, a sword-wielding fairy presents two glistering slippers to Cinderella.
Sarah Fitz-Gerald got Priory off to a glistering start with a predictable, but nevertheless impressive, 3-0 win over Kate Allison.
Whatever form that glistering precious metal may be in, you can buy, sell, or trade it at Silver Towne.
We deem the substance and matter of the supposed relic to be an unctuous, coloured gum, which being in the glass appeared to be glistering red, partly resembling the colour of blood, and after we did take our part of the said matter out of the glass, then it was a yellow colour, like amber or base gold, and doth cleave to as gum or bird-lime.