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Synonyms for glistening

having a high, radiant sheen

Synonyms for glistening

reflecting light

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It is from the pressure of restraint that the poem's true enchantment issues, as the bloom of Paradise is dispelled to show an earthly world still glisteningly strange: "A young beech clinging to its last year's leaves.
As pink and glisteningly plump as the inside of her lips.
But if the play in this version seems little more than a sustained caprice, it's glisteningly designed by Kevin Rigdon (with lighting to match from Peter Mumford), so as to amplify the narcissism of a Don Juan even more egomaniacal than Jack Tanner, his modern-day inheritor.
This is the kind of thing Andrew Holmes goes for in his remarkable coloured pencil drawings, among which the study of a giant truck seen head-on, with its chrome-plated details glisteningly depicted, is typical.
Stone's first book, In an Iridescent Time (1958), appeared during what was evidently a glisteningly contented moment, shortly before her husband's death and the hardships that were to ensue.
I had written about "rain failing softly, glisteningly, shimmering in the lamplight," etc.
Visitors to the Exposition were awed by the incredible contrast between the beautiful, glisteningly clean, harmoniously laid out neoclassical buildings of the "White City," and the dark, chaotic, surrounding metropolis, the real city, with its blackened buildings and smoky pall, where daily business went on.
Plump, glisteningly brown, breathing savory vapors, it is the center of attention-for an hour.