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a rapid series of ascending or descending notes on the musical scale

(musical direction) in the manner of a glissando (with a rapidly executed series of notes)

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5) Reaplicacao da tecnica descrita na segunda etapa; porem com a duracao de um minuto no exercicio com glissando descendente e de um minuto com glissando ascendente, totalizando em dois minutos de realizacao da tecnica.
7 Annette Messager and Gerard Pesson, Rubato ma glissando (Festival d'automne at Maison de I'Architecture, Paris) Here audiences were welcomed to the garden of the Maison de I'Architecture by a giant, convulsing man--in actuality a white balloon inflated by strong blasts of air--before entering the venue in a somewhat ritualistic manner.
Some particularly interesting possibilities arise when octaviation and glissando techniques are combined, including the possibility of creating a tone, similar to the well-known aural illusion created by Roger Shepard (1964), but using an entirely different technique.
Today the performance practice tends to reduce the amount of harmonics and glissando, especially in baroque music.
Although these neumes have the same intervallic quality, each of them was intended to be uniquely different in sound, intonation, or interpretation (that includes a wide range of possibilities--accents, trills, duration, vibrato, portamento, dynamics, slides, grace notes, scoops, glissando, modulation, and more).
They have included advanced repetition scripting that helps avoid the machine gun effect, as well as easy to use glissando controls and complete continuous controller customisability.
ROCK AND POP SEATTLE alt-folk-rock duo Trespassers William and piano band Glissando play Cardiff's Clwb Ifor Bach tonight.
George Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue - beginning with the hallmark clarinet glissando - is the pioneer cross-over exercise between club and concert hall.
Glissando TL, the toolless "snap on" hinge damping solution is available as a steel version from Titus Plus.
The film closes simply and elegantly, with another exterior view of the church at dawn accompanied by a harp's crisp glissando.
There was a choked glissando of anguish, and the line went dead.
The speaker, X, has been gone from Waylah Falls for "four springs" and "five winters," gone from his love, Shelley, who "hung the moon backwards, crooned crooked poems / That no voice could straighten," who "curled among notes-petals / That scaled glissando from windows agape,' but from whom he has been absent: "My pain will never end unless I can sleep beside my love, pluck the ripe moon, halve it, and share its sweet milk between us .
The glissando sounds in track (3) start between loudspeakers
The players used harmonics, pizzicato, glissando, and extremes of dynamics to convey the Gotham images.