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a rapid series of ascending or descending notes on the musical scale

(musical direction) in the manner of a glissando (with a rapidly executed series of notes)

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The listener will also appreciate his light technique and rich dynamic range, as well as the fresh ideas with which he gives new life to the composer's score (the enchanting "bird" twittering instead of a long sustained note in the repetition of the development of the 1 st movement of the Quartet in D major or the sprightly glissando before the end of the first variation in the Quartet in C major).
There are little-known things, such as the early history of the glissando (Ross points out that Schoenberg and Zemlinsky used glissandi as early as 1902-03), though I would have liked Ross to mention the exquisite glissando Zemlinsky used near the end of his master piece, the Lyric Symphony, a work not mentioned in the book.
It was fascinating to hear Britten's astonishing string-writing in such unsparing close-up; every solo flourish and harmonic glissando carried off with aplomb.
Labenske's swing setting of "Joshua Fit the Battle" utilizes a picturesque glissando and Schubert's duet setting of "Every Time I Feel the Spirit" is energetic and fun
Each of the eighteen players needed virtuosic technique, ably demonstrated by the glissando of the first violin.
The second piece is largely an indeterminate glissando that winds its way through checkpoints of discrete pitches and employs contrasting percussive effects made with the keys of the clarinet.
When Hawaii calls with the voice of its kika kila, steel guitar, few listeners forget the haunting glissando that has become the signature sound of island music.
Written in the key of F minor, this selection features a chromatic scale, numerous eighth notes, third intervals and a glissando at the end.
With many octave shifts, dotted-eighth/sixteenth and triplet rhythms, two three-note triads, and a glissando, it is the most difficult of the six selections.
The endless glissando is a phenomenon for which Jean-Claud Risset is famous, once again IRCAM.
To the innocent ear the strongly accented driving rhythms and glissando string effects of its first section brought to mind Bartok.
The density of the writing increases, culminating with a ffff glissando in the bass clarinet to a high c3
But what one took away from the little essay was its strain of abject sadness, heard in single-instrument slurs or glissando effects.
The album makes its culminating and convincing point with the very cultivated and painstakingly produced layering of the two chant traditions, when the psalmodic recitation of the Lotus sutra by the Buddhist monks, underlined by the striking of the mokugyo drum (literally "wooden fish"), is at the same time a drone for the cantio Ave virgo gloriosa (track 10), and when the glissando sliding melody of the solo chant Amida kjo is integrated with the austere, ascetically returning entrances of the Kyrie IV (track 12).
A two-measure "coda" concludes the movement with an enormous glissando to the top of the cello's range and a motivic syncopation from the foot.