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a rapid series of ascending or descending notes on the musical scale

(musical direction) in the manner of a glissando (with a rapidly executed series of notes)

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Here the connection between the music and the drawings crystallized; weblike parabolic mutations mirrored the swoops and soars of massed tone clusters, stacks of vertical lines paralleled jagged bursts of seeming white noise, and a series of a mountainous peaks was transmitted as a low drone with sirenlike glissandi arcing overhead.
At the piano, a bumblebee takes flight in a spiral of glissandi.
Stamping and dragging feet on the ground is all part of the music, along with total vocal expression: humming, hissing, whispering, wailing, vocal glissandi, staccato phrases, quiet contemplation.
Even George Martin's innovative string arrangements had been half-inched (ostinati, glissandi, and much more), not to mention the harmonic and melodic structure of the songs themselves.
Lead singers' vocal techniques also increased the use and variety of melodic devices such as various melismatic ornamentations, portamentos, and glissandi (the voice gliding gradually from one tone to the next).
The 18th annual ever-popular soiree will integrate the flavors of regional Mexican cuisine along with new twists and events including a charity golf tournament, grape stomp and charity luncheon, garlic-peeling contest, tequila and salsa pairings, celebrity chef dinner at Restaurant Glissandi and "Blazing Pans" mountain celebrity chef cook-off.
Glissandi are introduced in "Banana Popsicle"; however, a footnote suggests playing the glissandi with the back of the hand while going up the white keys--ouch
Getty gives us every trademark sound from the Universal and Hammer movie handbook - tremolando strings, percussion glissandi and hammered sforzando chords.
While the repetition of glissandi in parallel passages is discussed here, it brings to mind other related issues.
There is a dialogue between violin and orchestra, using varied tone colors, a brief but showy cadenza with double stops and glissandi, and then a brief restating of the two themes by the whole ensemble.
The Carduccis played Haydn's E flat Quartet, subtitled The Joke, with sparkling relish, particularly the introspectively whimsical glissandi in its trio - that's Haydn for you - and rose to the challenge of Beethoven's F Minor Quartet, subtitled Serioso.
The happenings were full of piquant images that transcended the "stuff" being made on the main floor: the strident glissandi of (an often naked) Schuyler Maehl, who each day played piano accompaniment; a gaggle of trussed-up gate-crashers who improvised a slipshod burlesque audition on one of the bleachers; a couple of children, with a toddler in tow, who used scissors and power drills to bore holes into a large slab of foamcore board just outside the main arena.
There are allusions to Richard Strauss (the winds in Salome, for example, or the use of voices in Ariadne auf Naxos), but mainly the orchestra illustrates the text quite faithfully, often using tremolos and glissandi.
I know, it's scary,'' the bubbly diva continued in lilting glissandi rrrrolling with vibrato.