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Synonyms for glissade

to move smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly

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(ballet) a gliding or sliding step in ballet

perform a glissade, in ballet

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The combination of glissades, jetes, brises, and sissonnes--it's like an obstacle course to grasp in your mind and translate into your body.
Incorporating steps like glissades and pas de chats, I created a series of sword pas de deux, where the dancers move weapons instead of their feet.
SIMPLE GLISSADES were especially important to Balanchine, and we worked hard to perfect them.
A simple and good combination to help the dancer work on perfecting the action of glissade closing fifth, including establishing second or fourth in the air, is glissade in a box followed by three glissades to the side, changing feet each time, and a soubresaut, finishing in a fifth position plie, ready to repeat to the other side.
Dancers often ask how it is possible to write down the work of nonclassical contemporary choreographers because there is no vocabulary for it, no glissades or arabesques.
From this placement, transferring of weight flows organically from the use of the weight of the head and body, the use of the floor during chasses, glissades, jetes, and other steps.
Glissade Snowboards, a San Francisco snowboard manufacturing company, became PG&E's 10,000th solar customer when the utility connected the factory's 18 kilowatt solar electric system during a ceremony today celebrating the milestone.